Monday, June 20, 2011

Virgo Tattoo Designs

Virgo Tattoo Designs
A symbol of abundance, innocence and fertility, Virgo is a popular choice for both body art and astrology enthusiasts alike. It is not surprising to find that most people who wear Virgo tattoos are born under this sign; however, those who choose this particular piece may also be related to a Virgo, or may simply be fascinated by the aesthetic appeal of a sign that is associated with a number of goddesses.

The name Virgo is derived from the Latin word for virgin. Because of this, it is fairly common for Virgo tattoos to depict a beautiful, innocent-looking girl. Classical images show this woman as carrying a sheaf of wisdom to represent the wheat harvesting that is done at the time of this sign’s passing. This particular style generally shows the woman in a realistic manner, but she may also be done in a stylized pin up fashion. In this case, the woman that is shown may be exceedingly curvaceous and scantily clad – covered only by long locks of hair or sprays of wheat.

Although creating a beautiful visage of Virgo is fairly common, more common than that is the appearance of the astrological glyph. Appearing in the majority of Virgo tattoos, this glyph has the look of an “M” with a tail that curls close to the body. This particular piece is regularly done by itself in simple black ink. However, many like to add creative touches and may surround it with fire, water or tribal patterns, it may be mingled with other symbols or star signs or may simply be placed upon the skin or clothing of the realistic Virgo figure.

Some people prefer to take a more unique slant with their Virgo tattoos. For instance, the actual constellation may be dotted or outlined onto the skin. For this particular style, the outline or complete figure of a woman may surround the dots to create a fuller image. Another option would be to use the images of Urania’s Mirror, which shows Virgo as a red-haired, rosy-cheeked maiden in long, flowing robes of red and green, and carrying two large sheaves of wheat.

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