Monday, June 20, 2011

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo Designs
As the old saying goes “To be born Irish is to be born lucky.” Celtic tattoos of a shamrock have been a popular tattoo over the years and are known for brining luck. Having a good luck charm such as Celtic shamrock tattoo is said to improve your luck because it will make you more aware of your surroundings and opportunities therefore making you more likely to adopt a resilient attitude which in turn helps you to make your own luck. A Celtic tattoo of a shamrock is a great way to signify and represent ones luck. Several Celtic symbols are known to represent luck such as claddaghs, bells, harps, horseshoes, rainbows, etc. However shamrock tattoos are know to be the luckiest symbol of the Celtic culture and thus are a popular tattoo.

Shamrocks have been considered a lucky symbol ever since the legend St. Patrick used a shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity. One leaf for the son, one leaf for the father, and the final leaf for the Holy Spirit. The shamrock is the most recognizable symbol of Ireland. Celtic tattoos of a shamrock can be a great way to display your Irish heritage. The Irish, like their Celtic ancestors connect deeply with nature and shamrock tattoos can represent a profound love and respect for nature.
It’s important to note that a four leaf clover shouldn’t be confused with Ireland’s beloved shamrock. The 4 leafs represent hope, luck, faith and love.

What’s great about Celtic Shamrock tattoos is that they can be small enough to wear almost anywhere on your body. Your hip, lower back, arm, hand, foot, ankle, back of your neck, all are perfectly acceptable locations. Also keep in mind that it’s a great idea to combine shamrock tattoos with other Celtic designs. It allows for your tattoo design to be unique and out of the ordinary. For example, you might want to pair up a shamrock with a claddagh which can represent friendship, loyalty, and love. You might have a shamrock placed inside of a Celtic cross, or you could have a Celtic knot entwined with a shamrock. The possibilities are never ending.

In conclusion, shamrock tattoos can be the perfect embodiment of the Celtic culture and is one of the oldest and most popular symbols.

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