Monday, June 20, 2011

Cancer Tattoo Designs

Cancer Tattoo Designs
Cancer, or the “Crab” is said to be one of the hardest astrological signs to pin point when it comes to personality. So it is easy to see why there are so many variations when it comes to Cancer tattoos.

The first thing that most people gravitate towards with astrological designs is the glyph sign. Cancer’s glyph is that of the crabs claws placed in opposite directions so as to show the duality of this sign’s nature. Though using the simple black scrawl of the glyph is quite popular, some people like to play it up with color, or by placing pearls (Cancer’s sun stone) in the small circles.

Since Cancers are known for their loving and parental nature, Cancer tattoos may also feature the signs of their family members and loved ones. In fact, their tattoos may become a showcase featuring many things that have a good deal of importance to them. Symbols of their passions, loves and joys will likely make an appearance alongside their sign.

Given the artistic personality of a Cancer, they may also feel inclined towards the old time depictions for their Cancer tattoos. Astrological artwork that takes on the same feeling as “The birth of Venus,” might appeal to their warm and artistic sides.

Many Cancer tattoos will feature the crab itself. Cancer’s sense of humor might compel them to get a tattoo showing a more realistic version of a crab, but most will likely shy away from this literal translation of the crustacean. Luckily, though, there are many ways to keep this symbol intact, without taking the realistic approach. A good example of this is the tribal crab. These will have sharp, dark lines with heavily pointed claws and a round, pleated body.

Cancers tend to be emotional, loving and imaginative. These wonderful personality traits will likely be seen reflected in whatever tattoo design they choose for themselves.

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