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Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Capricorn Tattoo Designs
Capricorn tattoos, the symbolism of the sign comes from the mythological goat, Amalthea, whom the Greek god Zeus honored for providing him with milk as an infant. The tenth astrological sign in the tenth house is Capricorn. According to astrologers, Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Placed in a lofty, starry constellation, which later was referred to as Capricornus, Capricorn adopts the stalwart attitudes of the sixth planet from the sun, Saturn, the second largest of the planets.

The nature of a Capricorn runs the gamut from intensely focused to personally outgoing. The mythical Amalthea was steadfast in her duties. Capricorn takes responsibility very seriously. Because of their ability to focus intently, they are among the best in finance and accounting. This intense focus has its origins in Capricorn’s famous self-discipline. Discipline is highly prized by Capricorns who utilize it as a feature of their innate organizational skills. Capricorn tattoos recognize this special talent in the clean lines of the symbol, which appears like a scripted letter “N”, with a curled tail. Or, in the more vernacular symbol, the goat, which many Capricorn tattoos features.

The goat has taken on a less positive aura. Anyone ridiculed as an “old goat” takes a bad rap. The goat is most functional. Yet, its consistency and functionality are also characteristics of most any Capricorn. They are rarely outlandish, preferring convention to trend. Capricorns dislike waste of any kind. They consider time a most precious resource and will exhibit agitation when they feel their time is wasted precariously. Those who choose Capricorn tattoos make a statement of their personal values.

Various Capricorn tattoos use the goat symbol, often with its eyes gazing serenely afar. It’s difficult to know what a Capricorn is really thinking, since they prize their privacy highly. Most always, Capricorn tattoos display the goat standing proudly. This is also another of Capricorn’s characteristics–personal pride. Insult a Capricorn and you might just as well forget seeking their help in the future. Capricorns are helpful to the max. Unless, you’ve stepped on those delicate toes. Capricorns are easily identified by their placid natures. Look for the person in a roomful of people, who wears a smile and speaks with their eyes before you are even introduced. That’s a Capricorn. Or, notice the person in the midst of chaos who rolls up their sleeves and before you know it, has organized an entire room. That’s also a Capricorn. Capricorns don’t waste time on words when good old-fashioned elbow grease does the trick. The same can be done with Capricorn tattoos, so many words can be expressed by their design.

The style of Capricorn tattoos can be playful, artsy, or embedded with diverse icons ranging from satanic to gothic. Some prefer classic tattoo designs. Others may choose designs that are personalized. And, you don’t have to be born under the astrological sign of Capricorn to appreciate its symbol and these great tattoos.

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