Monday, June 20, 2011

Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo Designs
Henna tattoo designs are popular among the youths for its vibrant and distinctive color, undefined edges, and temporary stay on body parts. Originated fundamentally in India and known as Mehndi Art, Henna tattoos are used for different occasions marriage, Eid, Diwali, Mawlid, Passover, Nawroz, etc.
Most people associate henna tattoos with their temporary beginnings. However, these fleeting pieces of art have inspired many more permanent creations. A lot of people prefer to place these complex designs on large areas of the body, and favor the use of the earthy red and brown hues that come naturally to the tattoo’s more ephemeral cousin.

Some of the most regularly seen henna tattoos are done on the hands and feet. Though some people are leery to place permanent art on their hands or feet, these designs can easily be moved to the upper arms or legs. The designs that are used for hands and feet are often highly intricate and fantastic in their detail. Many of these tattoos feature symbols that are meant to represent feminine beauty, such as flowers, long slender vines or the moon. They may also show elaborate hearts; one example of this is the ‘Goddess of Love’ symbol, which may seem relatively simple compared to many other henna tattoos; however, it still remains a striking image with its scrollwork edges and full body.

Although most henna tattoos feature the very recognizable scrolling designs, there are many other symbols that can be seen in this style of art. One such symbol is the peacock. This design is said to be a form of protection and a sign of passion and luck. The body of the peacock is simple and graceful, with fluid lines. However, the tail feathers are very detailed, and can occasionally feature several eyes. The eyes are what make the peacock a sign of protection; an ever vigilant bird watching over you. The solar and lunar eyes are also frequently used symbols in henna tattoos, and are also seen as talismans of protection.

One of the more popular areas of the body for permanent henna tattoos is around the belly button. A bursting sun, or a half moon are seen most often. Occasionally, though, you may see flowers, or the infamous scroll designs.

Whether you have used henna in the past and have found a design you simply cannot live without, or you appreciate the exquisite art and meaning that goes behind these pieces of art, henna tattoos are a brilliant option.

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