Friday, May 20, 2011

Foot Tattoos Designs

Foot tattoos are usually painful. The skin of the foot near the bone. The proximity of the skin and bones is what it painful when you put a tattoo. However, for the reason that tattoos are likely to walk less, you do not have to suffer great pain of tattoos.
Since the tattoo is placed on the foot, is to sweat and other elements of the Senate be suspended. This is the time. The typical shape of the foot tattoos are the following:

1. Star

images star

2. Words

index butterfly

3. Flower

images flower

4. Butterfly

images butterfly2

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Cool Tattoo Ideas

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Cool Tattoo IdeasAloha! Hawaiian tattoo designs and body arts have a long history of more than a thousand years. But, it wasn't until the 1990's and when celebrities started bearing them, only then these tattoo designs started coming back into fads.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Cool Tattoo IdeasIn the Hawaiian culture, getting a tattoo is looked upon as a very important ritual. It was such an important part of their life to the extent that the Hawaiians even pray to a tattoo god each time someone in the community gets a tattoo.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Cool Tattoo IdeasAnd not so much for fashion purpose or simply to look cool, Hawaiians only get tattoo for a few purposes:

- Mourning For A Loved One - For remembrance of a love one lost
- Talisman For Protection - To protect and ward off evil spirits or enemy
- Personal Identifications - Identify themselves as a community or group

Therefore, most Hawaiian tattoos have a certain meaning or significance behind it.

Comparing to their neighbors from other islands within the Polynesian chain like Maori and Samoan, Hawaiian tattoo designs tend to be larger and bolder in size and colours. Few common Hawaiian tattoo designs are:

- Arrows
- Flowers
- Dolphins
- Lizards (Hawaiians have great respect for lizards)
- Sea Turtle

Besides these traditional tattoo art works, there are the much "cooler" Hawaiian band tattoo designs. The Hawaiian band tattoo design is very popular amongst tattoo lovers today because of the "modern" yet traditional look that it has.