Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoo Meaning:Aquarius people is a unique character in essence they have so many traits and personalities. Whether you are Aquarius Tattoo  artist or Aquarius people that are looking to have Aquarius Tattoo on your skin, you need to take all of your traits and personalities into consideration. If you choose wrong design, you can spend years of your life regretting your decision.
1. What Are Aquarius Traits?
The most commonly known of Aquarius Tattoo symbol is water carrier with air element, this pretty much explain the traits of Aquarius people. Aquarius Tattoo mostly known as creative and imaginative people, also they are known for their detachment and independence. Because of all of those traits, Aquarius Tattoo would likely to choose their Aquarius Tattoo design based on careful consideration rather than mere impulse.
2. Crazy Inventor
More than any other zodiac, Aquarius people were born as natural inventor. Uniqueness is one crucial consideration in choosing their Aquarius Tattoo design. Some of Aquarius Tattoo designs other than water carrier are birds, jugs and orchids.
Aquarius people don’t like to have Aquarius Tattoo design that is too common or popular. If you are tattoo artist you should take this fact into account. Even though you only have water carrier Aquarius Tattoo design, you should add unique twist to the Aquarius Tattoo, so it will not resemble similar tattoo made for your other clients.

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