Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink tattoos

The singer stages this explosive mixture. The tattoo is for her above all a means to carry for ever with her memories of emotional order. The singer has for example two tattoos in homage to her two dogs among which the one extends over all the arm with the photo of its dog Elvis accompanied with an inscription) tribute which means " one time to cry, one time to laugh, one time to die and the other one to dance. Rest in peace my darling, I love you. ".
The singer chooses regularly to make tattoos in touch with her successes to mean a kind of revival. She opts then for a bar code with her date of birth and that of the release of her album " Missundaztood ".
She also has a tribal sign behind the ear in the shape of treble clef. It is thus a way to express her profound love for the music.

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