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Lebron James Tattoo Designs

The Lebron James is the new star in the NBA in the crowded skies. Last season proved to be the strongest player in all the time (Mr. Black Mamba Kobe Bryant is possible). It 'was chosen as MVP of the regular season, but must surrender to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference. King James, as he prefers to be called, has always been a phenomenon. As a teenager in high school, Ohio, was elected Mr.Basketball three consecutive years.

Like other players, even the king of the NBA has its body almost completely covered with tattoos.

Her first tattoo, and I still had a high school, was crowned lion's head on his right arm. Once crowned king of basketball Lebron James add more ink to it: now the king (lion head) and James (bass) can be read in his arms with the lion represents the clear.

Only when this lion tattoo, other, more recent, says Gloria and dedicated to his mother.

On his left arm is a tattoo of two: first, shoulder, read the "Beast" is surrounded by a small star tattoo, while the second says "Hold my own." Another fairly large tattoo dedicated to his son. This is fairly recent tattoos and is a realistic portrayal of the son of one year of age. His second son, Bryce Maximus is captured with a tattoo on his left arm.

2006 was a good year for Lebron James tattoos, got a big standing up saying: "Witness" and the 330 largest right arm to be the area code of his hometown of Akron. Within his right arm is also the phrase "No one can see through what I have but I do." My favorite tattoo of Lebron James, who was originally signed in good calligraphy triceps.

A tattoo is pretty impressive I've seen in the photo is a sort of winged lion tattoo on the chest of Lebron James.
Perhaps the most recent tattoo is a tattoo of the letter writing style of "family," he said.

But the absolute amazing and most popular among tattoos of King James, is that he wears on his back: a large tattoo that said "Chosen1". The idea of ​​a great tattoo comes from the cover of Sports Illustrated that called him the Chosen One, when he was still in high school.

Lebron James is one of the strongest players I've ever seen. Unfortunately, it has not been able to win the NBA Finals, but I'm sure it will not take long. The tattoo design is quite good, but if you see something great, take a look at my tattoos and tattoo design file to store much more and my photos of tattoos, drawings, photographs and organized them into categories for easy use.

Kobe Bryant Tattoo Most Popular

Kobe Bryant is the most popular basketball player and gifted since Michael Jordan retired. Kobe was born in the United States, but he spent his childhood in Italy, where his father played professional basketball player. He loves football and a big fan of AC Milan. Back in the United States he began his career as a basketball player, was hired by Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship and breaking several records. He is now considered on of the top ten players ever in NBA history. However, Kobe Bryant has nothing to do with the tattoo of his favorite sports. His tattoo on the life and beliefs.

The story behind the tattoo Kobe Bryant is quite interesting.

In the summer of 2003, in Eagle, Colorado, Kobe met Katelyn Faber, 19-year-old - the second most important woman in his life.

Some time after meeting with the Kobe Bryant sexual assault sued and arrested. He admitted adulterous sexual relationship, but denied allegations he raped.

No one knows what really happened that night in Colorado, anyways they could find some kind of (economic) agreement that allows Kobe to continue the fantastic basketball career.

Far more difficult is to find a deal first with the most significant woman in his life: his wife Vanessa. Someone talked about the 4 million dollar ring as an apology for the "minor incident in Colorado". What is certain is that after the trouble in Colorado some tattoos appeared on Kobe's arm. Vanessa's name and the Crown to represent the main interests of his wife, two wings of angels and the inscription Psalm XVII to express her faith.

He also has a daughter Natalia Diamante's name tattooed on his left arm.

So remember, if you've caught your wife cheating, with a 4 million dollar ring and a big tattoo on your arm, you should be fine.

How Succesful if Laser Tattoo Removal

Ahh the joy of youth. Insurgency and anti-authority impulses. Edgy friends and garage music edgy and hip hop. End of the night. The new found freedom of expression. No wonder that the tattoo was caught with the kids, athletes, musicians and artists, entrepreneurs, and even book your local librarian to organize polite. Why not show that you are unique, that the knowledge that you're still arrogant, still-you do not fully Man and the Company? It seems that about 25,000 people receiving laser tattoo removal treatments each year has concluded that "the tattoo I just not right anymore ... it's not me". Art, ego, or simply a pragmatic understanding that the person-in-career needs of the project "professional look" clean?

What is Laser Tattoo Removal Involved In? You do not like getting a tattoo, which may have taken minutes or one hour, remove the tattoo is more involved. Why? Because, "artwork" You do not stick to the surface of your skin like a band aid, not the more embedded in the sub-dermal tissue. With laser tattoo removal, you will undergo a series of treatments, each 1 to 2 months spaced apart to allow the skin rejuvenation occurs. Your total treatment period may be 6 to 12 months to achieve the kind of results you are aiming for skin rejuvenation.

What Are The "barrier" Blocking your results? It's in the nature of the tattoo to be "permanent". No wonder that the "permanent" work of art may need some serious treatment before it yields.

* Color Of Ink Tattoo - Color Light Stay On Laser tattoo removal works best when applied to red and black .. Once you add the lighter color into the design of the tattoo, the laser does not even really be able to treat these skin areas with success, due to the fact that this color does not absorb the laser. For example, the white color completely changed to black when the laser treatment.

The results? Only light colors fade or convert into a "stain" instead of disappearing.

* Tattoo Artists Create Better Technical hurdles for Laser Removal. When you are impulsive, the idea of ​​getting a tattoo from the artist "virtuoso" tattoo crow will touch with what's now considered "one of the most stupid decision I ever made". When it came time to get rid of the laser tattoo designs are very artistic and complicated, the artist usually win over the engine. Does that mean? Some parts of your tattoo remains resistant to laser therapy removal.

* Chemical Ink - Is FDA Approved or not. Ink is not just ink. While the FDA does not oversee the chemical class of ink applied to the tattoo, it does not mean that the local insane tattoo shops might not see an opportunity to make more money by replacing the class "printer ink". The ink is dangerous to be like a tattoo that in many cases will not respond to laser treatment. The reason? This ink has a unique chemical profile or "signature" that does not permit the absorption of laser light that is needed to completely remove the paint.

Health Risks Of Laser Tattoo Removal. Local anesthetic used to numb the treatment area your tattoo. Only one part of the tattoo being treated in each session. You will need 1 to 2 months before the next treatment to cure. Can you get an infection, or does not heal properly? Of course. And what about the "mixed results", in which the tattoo is more-or-less gone, but the pigmentation of your skin is damaged? Yes, skin pigmentation

Get additional info about laser tattoo removal surgery, cost, a guide to choosing the best surgeon plus the removal of alternative therapies such as dermabrasion tattoo that you decide for yourself what is best for your body image.

Finding the Best Back Tattoo Designs

Because the back is the part of the body broad and flat, it makes sense is the perfect place for a tattoo. And because the "canvas" is so big, you can be creative with your back tattoo designs. Many people start with a small tattoo design on the back or two before migrating to a large tattoo that connects everything together.

And the process may include a period of time, because, frankly, a great new tattoo design needs a lot of thought. Why? Obviously, because of the design of the tattoo covers a large area, it will be very difficult and expensive to remove if you have any regrets. Thus, for most people, take it easy, starting with a tattoo on the back or two is the perfect way to go before going out and getting a tattoo only great for the rear.

Again, we encourage a lot of thought put into the back of the tattoo design before you! And for those who do not have a tattoo done before, there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo or two small at first. Just to see how you like tattoos, because they are not for everyone.

For starters, I suggest you check tattoo studios in your area. And take the time to explore the possibility of tattoo designs. Do not feel rushed. If a tattoo artist tries to run away or are uncomfortable with them, walk away and find someone else. But finding a good tattoo artist that you really feel at ease. I say this for two reasons. In the first place, the tattooist should be good, not necessarily the most economical. Because sometimes, you get what you pay for. And permanent tattoos. Thus, very good. The second thing that really matters is how you treat your team and how careful we are with him. It 's very important to follow the rules and regulations to prevent the transmission of various diseases for you. All she wants a tattoo, not a death sentence or a bad design printed on the back.

And when you find a tattoo that looks promising. If the tattoo artist is good or have much confidence in their abilities, allowing you to view flash design in a book. If you find a design you like, the more the better! And a lot of variety and depth of the tattoo will surprise you.

Flash tattoo designs that are found in a tattoo studio in the old school have different types of animals, butterflies, dragons, fantasy art, landscapes, tribal-style tattoos, Asian art and literature, Celtic knots, flowers and skulls. Call him and have it.

And your tattoo artist has a portfolio of best work in a book. And you might want one or two. My suggestion is to try to make it a little 'to do the tattoo is original and fresh. See photos of other re-design tattoos might give some inspiration for the design of what attracts him.

Do not forget to do some 'monitoring of the Internet for some back tattoo designs and other ideas. There are sites that have a large gallery of tattoo designs that you can download the flash (with charge) and print your tattoo artist of follow-up on his back.

Another good source of ideas tattoo design tattoo magazine can be found in his library. For those who are more creative and a very good artist, you can also design your tattoo!

But even if you are not a good artist, do not let that stop you. There are many awesome tattoo designs that appeal to every need and taste. All you have to decide is', shades of color and size of the tattoo. A good tattoo artist can help.

And after having done your research, you can collect all the ideas together and try to reach most of the tattoo design for you! And when it comes to deciding exactly what you want, consider a design that perfectly sums up who you are and what we are about. A great tattoo is one that reflects the best features of you, inspire you to greatness, to make you laugh or make you remember something very important and meaningful to you.

So there. You can choose to get a tattoo back tattoos lower back, or shoulder blade tattoos. You are free to choose, but take the time to watch all the tattoo designs as possible before selecting the final design of the tattoo for you. This ensures that when you get a tattoo, you know it will be great and will be proud too. Tattoo is practically permanent, and love for the rest of his life.

So there. If you do your homework, new tattoo designs can be a tremendous source of pride for you. You must put in the time and energy to plan things so there are no surprises, like waking up with 56 tattoos on his face! And make sure that you want a tattoo and would love to see you every time I see him.

Finding The Right Person Tattoos

Internet is one of the most successful and the findings of modern times. With the internet to find even the most brilliant tattoo design has become a truly affordable, easy, fast and less time consuming. And right before the discovery, the only source for finding the best tattoo design is to rely on design books with tattoo artist or tattoo parlor. With the design of book design tattoo tattoo design choices become very limited. This is very true especially when the area in which you live has only one tattoo parlor. In addition, you will have to physically go to a salon to get access to this design is limited.

Internet and the many galleries of tattoo designs and the site has really opened up the limited options to access the most amazing tattoo designs. Not only that, the icing on the cake is actually the ability to access thousands of tattoo designs from the comfort of your home. Once you have decided to get a tattoo, it is important that you take enough time in determining the design and layout of tattoo designs that you want to get listed on you. This is because almost all tattoo design is almost permanent and requires surgery or laser treatments to remove them.

If you want access to a commendable quality tattoo designs and then explore the complexity of the highest quality tattoo gallery to be absolutely necessary. There are two types of websites that offer you access to tattoo designs: the free and paid. Although you may be tempted to go for free sites, if you remember the fact that the tattoo will stay with you in your skin for life, you might want to think twice about free tattoo gallery and website. One other thing you need to consider related to using the services of free sites is that there are thousands of tattoo enthusiasts like you who also saw the same design you are looking for. So chances are likely that you will not have a unique tattoo design if you choose from one of the free websites.

Tattoo designs on this site free are very basic and common in the design and structure. Therefore, it is always advisable to use the services of a web site that charge a nominal tattoo. The advantage of the paid sites is that the designs found in the most likely unique in nature because there is money involved in accessing this design.

The number of people who actually pay the cost and access of this design would be a little more and then you have a fair chance to have a tattoo that is unique to your own. In addition, these sites have the luxury to get the services of a professional tattoo artist and designer, and there are a number of design galleries are continually added to their website.

Actually there are thousands of designs distributed in multiple categories to browse through this site are paid. You have to waste time and effort you are browsing through some web pages to choose the best tattoo designs.

So you finally decided to get a tattoo done. You've really thought about it being a permanent imprint on your body. You have decided on the type of tattoo you want to have and you also decide the location in your body that you want to get a tattoo done. Now the biggest question in front of you is: Where and from whom should I get my tattoo done?

Do some research. Ask the friends and relatives who currently have a tattoo done for them. Ask them how to clean up the tattoo. Ask them if they are satisfied with the final outcome of the tattoo. Most tattoo parlors have no qualms in referring to customers who have got a tattoo done of them for some recommendations.

While you are conducting research as outlined above, do not rely on them at all. Try to research on your own. Browse the net for tattoo parlors near you, call them and they should be comfortable answering questions you may have.

Most tattoo parlors will also be happy to let you examine and be familiar with their living environment and the environment even before you decide to get your tattoo done of them. When you make such a visit, check out the salon for cleanliness.

Make sure all tools and equipment used tattoos cleaned and sanitized before each use. Also make sure that all needles used are of the type of disposable and not reused from one customer and another.

Speaking to a tattoo artist and member of the staff room to see if you feel comfortable and at ease in asking any questions and some of them. The fact is that if you are not comfortable talking to them then you will not feel comfortable in letting them permanent ink marks on your body.

Check the range of photographs that the artist or tattoo parlor has been done before. One important tip in this case is to examine a variety of designs tattoo artist or a salon that is able to provide. Also compared with the actual art of tattooing to check how close the resemblance between the two is.

Make sure that the tattoo artist is capable of performing both simple and complex designs. While anyone can tattoo a cross or a skull, not all skilled artists can tattoo a butterfly or a rose or a name calligraphy designs.

Put the internet to find a place where the optimal use of a tattoo or artist in your area. Simply type in "tattoos" along with the name of your region to search engines and will release a list of major artists such as nursing and who were doing the tattoo.

However diligent when you decide to settle with the tattoo artist or salon in your area. Especially taking sufficient care to check the confidence of artists such as nursing and is listed on the internet as the internet claims may in some cases varied from personal experience.

Remember that you are getting a lifetime impressions made in your body permanently. Therefore be double sure of what you want to get a tattoo, where you want to get a tattoo and from whom you want to get a tattoo.

Tattoos are great if you know how to handle them. May be very difficult if you're not careful. I hope these tips will help.

Choosing Tattoo Design Never Been Easier

Tattoo Designs are something you need to think seriously. Do not make one of the most important decisions in your life an embarrassing mistake. Your choice on tattoo designs, which will be permanently inked into your skin, should be a kind of tattoo designs that YOU are comfortable with, one that truly rocks and makes heads turn in awe. It can be difficult to make important decisions on the design of the tattoo. This is something that you do not want to rush then regret later on.

What you need to know about tattoo designs is that the tattoos are very common era, is actually a study done in 2006 by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is estimated that about 1 in 4 people aged between 18 and 50 had at least one to two tattoo designs . Even with tattoos become so common, many people do not know much about them. Tattoos are sometimes still considered odd, questionable and even taboo. Tattoo Designs is a pattern, picture or sign made with the dye incorporated into the pores of the skin by perforating the skin with very great caution. Tattoo industry insiders refer to them as a tattoo, ink work, or art. In scientific terms, tattooing is actually micro-pigment implantation.

Globally, the type of art practice is gaining approval and the mainstream art and design galleries hold exhibitions of tattoo designs and tattoo pictures. Popular name for tattoo designs is Flash.

Tattoo designs more often than not reflect the personality of the person wearing them and so they should, they are in your body. Often people find that they want in a tattoo parlor that is actually for something that will suit them. It would be difficult to choose a tattoo design you just from what is displayed in the tattoo parlor is selected. You should do extensive research on the design first tattoo. I have found many sites online that offer a large number of tattoos, tattoo designs, tribal tattoos, pictures and information. The time needed to seek information and ideas as much as I can is great, but worthwhile in the end as we can be very specific with what we want when deciding on a tattoo design and location to place the tattoo.

Extreme weather is a concern for cultural roots or something of significant importance to you, the tattoo design you choose will be one of the most important decisions in your life.

I have heard horror stories of the countless poor decisions related to tattoo designs. People love to rush out and get those 'Perfect' tattoos that they see their favorite celebrities such as Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, David Beckham or Robbie Williams. Or even seen some tribal tattoos in movies like Blade, only to realize after leaving the tattoo parlor that design just does not fit with them, or not what they expected. The fact then hits them that they are stuck with a tattoo design for the rest of their lives.

Their problem is the lack of research in the design of tattoos and tattooing in general, because the excitement is really getting some tattoos finally, blurred their judgment and make them in a hurry to rush out and get the tattoo design that they see or think and then try to describe to the artist. Obviously not the best thing to do.

Also the location of your tattoo is key. You should consider several things when thinking about the location of your tattoo. Does anyone else see it easily? Do I want my tattoo to be easily viewed by others? Do I want my tattoo in more than a private place so only those close to me will be able to see it? Which parts of the body hurt more than others? Generally, places that have thinner skin tend to be more painful. These places include, but are not limited to, due to the difference in all our bodies, ankles, head and lower back.

Less painful places include the upper arms, back, shoulders and chest. And it also depends on your pain threshold when getting a tattoo on how bad it would really hurt.

I'm sure you've heard or been to a few people who just rock to the tattoo parlor, look through the tattoo designs in the book and all the tattoo pictures on the walls, pick up something that looks cool and jump right into a chair to get what should be the means of ink tattoo designs into their skin. They also want to go a very cheap option and choose simple tattoos, (more common tattoo designs are generally less expensive and takes less time) or they have just been out at night, heavy on Britney Spears - (Beers) and just stumbled into the living room , only to wake in the morning wondering why they have a Superman tattoo pic on their buttocks.

Another very bad mistake.

Do not make these mistakes. In the end at the end of the day, it's YOUR body, think about this very important decision. What kind of tattoo design that you are looking for? What kind of tattoos do YOU ​​want? Remember, whatever you choose to disconnect for a tattoo design and location on your body, it will last FOREVER!

Make a BIG decision.

Weather you are looking for tribal tattoos or Celtic tattoo designs, Japanese or Chinese tattoos, exotic or fantasy-related fat, superman tattoo pics, Robbie Williams tattoo, Brittany Tattoo, important after care information, pick a good salon, artist, safety precautions or even free tattoo design, you need a source where you can grab everything you want in one place.

Heidi Klum's Tattoo Inside Arm

I like this. Every person since the last Emmy weekend is starting to see Heidi Klum tattoos that he has on the inside of his arm. Everyone makes a big deal about it. I for one think it is great. The reason people are making a big deal about it is because Heidi is considered one of the most beautiful models in the world. Thus, for some reason that means that he can not have tattoos. Well Heidi proved everyone wrong and got one and to be honest I think it looks great. And for all those out there who think tattoos take away from the beauty you see in Heidi and you will see that it really is not. The truth of the matter is Heidi has had this tattoo for a while now. I know this because I saw he was way back in May when he first left it. Heidi does not understand what the problem is about the tattoo, but since Sunday she has asked about it quit a bit.

This is what Heidi said about the interesting abstract type tattoo with three little stars.

"I've been since May and my husband. I always get married every year. It was our fourth wedding, and we want to have our names tattooed together."

"So, the name of my husband and our three children, their initials, in the (three) star," he added.

I personally think it is great that Heidi is passing it off as no big deal and he's right, no. I also think that no matter what language she got Seal's name in the very cold.

Safety Making Sure Tattoo is Safe

If you came of age in 1960 and decided to get a tattoo, you may do so to show that you do not want to be part of the rich trendy establishment. But if you came of age in the last ten years and got a tattoo, you may do so to show that you do indeed belong to a rich trendy establishment. Tattooing as a form of self-expression has moved from the domain of heavy metal star of "bad boy" rock, military lifers, and Harley-Davidson hog the road in 1970 became common among film stars, athletes, and pop stars. Of Sir Ian McKellen to Angelina Jolie, Mike Tyson to David Beckham, and Eminem to Brittany Spears, tattoos have become mainstream. Dating back to King Harold II, who died in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, and broken bodies that have been identified, the legend, by "Edith and England" tattooed on his chest, and even members of various royal houses of Europe have indulged themselves in the colorful art. Princess Stephanie of Monaco is only the latest in a long line of them.

Life magazine, in 1936, estimated that about 6%, or ten million, of all Americans have a tattoo, in 2003, according to the Harris Poll, nearly one in six, or about fifty million, given today's population of three hundred million, is their sport.

And just a year ago, in 2006, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that nearly one in four Americans between the ages of 18 and 50, and more than one in three of between 18 and 29, have tattoos.

Tattoos, in other words, is hot. And with the growing demand for them, there is a demand for tattoo parlors. But whenever there is money to be made, there will be those who want to make it the easiest way possible. So if you are considering getting a tattoo of your own, you need to watch your own, may soon be decorated, back.

Tattoos are not without risk. If it is done in a sanitary condition by an experienced tattoo artist, it usually will not produce lasting health problems. But tattoo safety relies on people to inject a foreign substance permanently into one's skin. And it's only natural that some people who get tattoos will experience adverse effects, ranging from skin irritation to allergies to infection, even when they use the highest safety standards of nursing practice tattooing.

Even the FDA, as the watchdog of the cosmetics industry, has weighed in on the dyes used in tattoo inks. This has given them the all clear to be used in lipstick, but remained silent to their suitability for permanent skin injections. On the other hand, have not tried to regulate its use.

You should know, however, that some red tattoo inks contain mercury sulfide and iron hydrates, and mercury sulfide, which comes in bright red cinnabar and ink, is associated with increased allergic reactions sometimes up to form the granular lesions. These lesions appear as small nodules which the immune system see the tattoo dye as a foreign substance. Nodules reaction can occur with colored tattoo ink.

Dubbed as the "red reaction", sensitivity to red tattoo ink can cause swelling, itching, and inflammation around the tattoo. But the reaction may also sleep for many years.

You do not have to have a medical degree to know that, when you allow yourself to be a tattoo, you are allowing thousands of tiny openings made in your skin. And you know that with any breach of your skin there is a chance that bacteria will find its way in.

You can minimize the likelihood of bacterial invasion, however, to perform pre-tattoo safety investigating small. Make sure you use a new sterile needle tattoo artist, that he is not the equivalent of rubbing the hands of a brain surgeon before getting to work, and that he put the hand is completely clean in some even cleaner gloves. Uncomfortable skin infections, but can be deadly blood infection.

If you find yourself in a tattoo parlor where the artist wants to use a deodorant stick to transfer the tattoo design from paper to your skin, make sure that the deodorant is applied for a fresh piece of paper, and then transferred from paper to your skin. Sharing the deodorant stick directly contrary to all rules of tattoo safety, and is one great way to load your skin with germs before the tattoo needles have a place nearby.

If you are someone with a compromised immune system, for example, if you are diabetic, you are at greater risk than the general population for infection, and may have extended healing period after your tattoo.

And while tattoo parties may sound like just the sort of wild and crazy like, they are in fact no different from sharing needles for primary heroin. Anything that the needles that when it makes way for you would be yours. That includes things such as Hepatitis B and C virus, or HIV. There, where the tattoo is concerned, there is no such thing as tattoo safety.

Even if you get your tattoo is clean, you have to take care of properly during the healing process. Tattoo artist will help you get started with implementing a few. A topical anti-bacterial and bandage it so you need to know, and tell the artist, if you are allergic to certain antibiotics.

Once you get home your new tattoo, follow common sense safety precautions in keeping the tattoo clean.

Leave the bandage for about an hour, and when you remove it, you wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and cold water. Then cover it with ointment to prevent skin from cracking, and repeat the routine every four to six hours for about a week.

Keep your tattoo out of the sun, so as not to dry us, do not scratch at it, and when you do touch it to clean it, wash your hands with antibacterial soap first.

Do not expose your healing tattoo to the water "community" with a swim in the pool or shared splash in the tub. And, if you want to retain the power of color, away from the chlorine or salt water.

And even when it looks healed, keep using the alcohol-free moisturizer on it several times a day for another month.

Tattoo, applied according to tattoo safety standards, and allow to completely heal, the best way to make you feel special, and perhaps just a touch "naughty". So do not settle for anything but the cleanest parlor and the artist's most careful, and you will treat yourself to a bit of color that will last you a lifetime!

How to Get Chinese Character Tattoos

 Chinese characters have a complex beauty as well as individual meanings. People who get Chinese character tattoos are interested in this. Unfortunately, the other hand, is that there are a lot of Chinese tattoo Mistakes. I have personally seen basic errors such as Chinese characters tattooed backward and meant something other than intended. My goal is to help people explore the beauty and complexity of Chinese character is safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals.

Chinese character tattoos typical error as follows:

    1 Stroke Lost and Poor Script Western tattoo artists always add their own artistic talent, good with English letters, but their script would deface Chinese characters and make them meaningful. Missing Stroke common mistakes and thus make the tattoos mean, and poor handwriting defaces the Chinese characters and Chinese characters tattooed look ugly. Chinese character tattoos mean is embarrassing.

    2 Chinese Characters Being Tattooed Backwards A much more common mistake is that Chinese characters are flipped horizontally or vertically and is thus a mirror image of what it should. I think this might be a problem when people use temporary tattoos or work from them because after a while they may be confused which side is correct. To have Chinese character tattoo on your back too embarrassing.

    3 Chinese mistranslation of China's complex and can easily be mean something other than intended. Get the wrong and the new Chinese character tattoo will be a permanent source of embarrassment to you! A woman has told Chinese character tattoo experience: Having decided to ink tattoos of Chinese characters, he went to a Chinese restaurant and Chinese waiter aside and asked him to write the word "free" in Chinese characters for it, freedom has two meanings in the English dictionary, the first is free and the second sense is the freedom that she had wanted, the waiter write down the meaning of the first in China for women. The woman ended with a "free" in the skin and then it winds up spending U.S. $ 900 to remove a tattoo.

    4 Do not Know The Meaning of Chinese character tattoos I've found many western people who do not know the meaning of those Chinese character tattoos. Tattoo is a way of self expression. if anyone wants to know to ask the meaning of tattoos of Chinese characters, said they either did not know the meaning or form is quite awkward.
5. Choosing Kanji from the tattoo parlor Tattoo parlors present some dozens of Kanji either a wall or in a binder for their customers to choose, most Kanji are either missing or being mistranslated stroke., You will make mistakes right from the beginning that if you choose them Tattoo parlors of. In addition, if you think you can take your dream tattoo that will express who you are from a handful of kanji.

Here is the advice when planning to get a tattoo of Chinese characters:
1. Get a tattoo of Chinese characters right at the first tattoo you will be with you for the rest of your life, make sure you get a tattoo right character at first. Yes, you can delete it later on, but this is very painful and very, very expensive. A $ 100 tattoo "mistake" can cost several thousand dollars to remove.

    2. Do not Take Kanji From the tattoo parlor Many people get what they thought was a Chinese character tattoo only to discover later that the character was taken wrong, or in one case, the mirror image of the character's tattoo. You will make mistakes mentioned above if selecting them from the tattoo parlor.

    3. Do You Own Research Before you run to the tattoo parlor to get one done you should do your own research. Choosing the proper Chinese characters careful study and attention.

    4. Consultation With a lot of Chinese words in English can be translated in several different Chinese characters. Each may have a slightly different meaning in Chinese. Consult with an original Chinese characters just to get to the meaning you REALLY want. Tattoos are forever 

5.Choosing Means said. If you plan to get a tattoo of Chinese characters right away, be sure to choose the correct character and meaningful. It's important to choose something of lasting appeal not something faddish, and it also needs to be a cool design you will love like you love tomorrow today.

    6.Getting They Look Right Western tattoo artists script usually defaces the Chinese characters and make them meaningful. Again, take the time to do some research and find someone good Chinese calligraphers to write your design. Chinese calligraphy is the art of the ancient classics. Brush strokes should have a certain shape. Every part of a character should be in proper relationship with others. Chinese characters can be written in different calligraphic styles.

    7. The lines get a stencil of the tattoo designs Each design has been proposed. A "stencil" fit. This is an exact copy of the tattoo design, but without color or shading - just black lines that make up the work of design. Your tattoo will transfer stencil directly on your skin before starting the tattooing process, so the tattoo ink tattoo desires are exactly the same as the proposed design.

Shading secret key to great tattoos

Tattooing is a booming industry and growing every day. Now there are even TV shows dedicated to the art of burning. When you look around, tattoos are everywhere! Now you see them on people you know, see them in commercials, and even on famous celebrities. So what makes a great tattoo? Of course a great design, but there is one very large component that is essential for the tattoo is really amazing and beautiful.

What are the components for a large tattoo?

It is simple ...

Tattoo Shading.

Tattoo shading is part of the tattoo where the tattoo of two-dimensional to three-dimensional tattoo. This is part of the tattoo where flat line is formed and has a certain level of depth to get a tattoo "pop" out. There's even a whole style of tattoo shading now that focuses only on the tattoo black and gray ... no color, only black and white.

If a tattoo artist is not critical to learn the technical aspects of shading tattoo, the tattoo just falls flat. It is as simple as that. One aspect of the tattoo can be learned but it takes some real practice and some technical skills. Mastering tattoo shading and becoming known to tattoo black and gray big can really enhance the reputation of tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. Those who have mastered tattoo shading at the expert level is very well revered and respected.

Now there is a great source of information online to help aspiring tattoo artist. Of course, the best way to really learn the skills is through an internship, but a basic knowledge of first and foremost important. You can learn all about tattoos and the shadow of other steps in the process of tattooing is the key and luckily information gaining in popularity. Examples of sources or brands to get a tattoo is the "Ultimate Tattoo Guide" series. This guide helps budding tattoo artists get tattoos knowledge base needed to start tattooing including aspects like tattoo shading, etc.

So if you want to get into doing that would make a great tattoo make people turn their heads, it is CRITICAL to master the art of tattoo shading. Without it, the tattoo is just not a real tattoo a real work of art.

Popular Tattoo Designs For Girls

The girls always ask me what they should get a tattoo or what I think is the hottest tattoos for girls. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer simply because there are as many different types of tattoos are there are girls. What one person might find sexy another might consider unattractive or very feminine. Particular style of tattoo may not suit the image you want to project. For example, a particular work environment can not accept highly visible tattoos even though tattoos are becoming more and more accepted. It might be wise to postpone getting that sacred heart tattoo emblazoned on your chest if your boss would flip if (s) he sees it!. So to say that what I hope to do in this short article offers insight and experience in the tattoo industry for 9 or 10 years and shows the current trend of tattoos and what the most popular styles of tattoos are for girls. At the end of the day you want a tattoo that has lasting appeal and not a tattoo done on a whim. If I gave you some good ideas for the next tattoo all the better ...

Trends come and go. What cool ten years ago is no longer cool. In the nineties certain types of tattoos such as cartoon characters like Betty Boop, barbed wire armbands and dolphins are in. Looking at them now they seem very cheesy and basic. Tattoo art has come such a long way in recent years even. Certain styles of tattooing has become immortal and has risen to the point where they get the respect and recognize their worth to the complexity and artistry. Styles as diverse as Japanese tattoos, Indian / Hindu tattoos, Anime, American design and traditional Floral raising the bar higher and higher and is becoming increasingly popular. Next to it is the fact that people are beginning to see their skin as a human canvas and not just settling for random tattoos scattered about the hidden parts of the body. Nowadays more and more women getting tattoos are bigger and more of them.

This may explain the popularity of Japanese tattoos. In traditional Japanese tattoos each character has a meaning and interact with other tattoo designs as part of the whole. The same goes for Traditional American tattoos. Previously what was done as individual tattoos of different elements of American culture is now being woven into an organic and more as the story progresses.

Five Most Popular Tattoos for Girls

Irezumi - Traditional Japanese tattoos - More and more girls ask for large tattoo designs such as koi fish, dragons in their hips, back and arms.

Traditional American tattoos - tattoo Old school 'Sailor Jerry and images such as the classic American cars, pin-up, swallowed and starfish are becoming more popular girls in the chest, abdomen, back and legs.

Flower tattoos - So many girls are into flower tattoos as full sleeve tattoos or covering the entire back or leg with a flower motif. Like a flower tattoo designs lotus flower, peony, orchid, chrysanthemum and flowering vines are the most popular.

Anime - Japanese animation has become a huge and shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. As a result Anime tattoos have become popular in the last five years. The only risk with Anime tattoo is that unlike other styles will probably age faster even though it looks great now.

India / Hindu tattoo designs - Like ancient Indian texts and spirituality that was rediscovered by people in the West since 1960 has been reflected in the demand for Indian tattoo designs. They say everything old becomes new again.

Finally the most important decision is to not get a tattoo on a whim or choose a tattoo that you think is cute or trendy. Give much thought. Good art should take place. Think of the Mona Lisa smile

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help deciding on the right tattoo

When you've decided you really want a tattoo and you know of a tattoo artist to use then the next step is to decide on a specific tattoo design you want. Because this is where the hard work begins. Find a tattoo artist is the easy part but deciding what tattoo you want will take work. There are different types of tattoos to choose what really makes it more difficult to decide what the tattoo to go with. It is also very fun to watch a ton of different tattoo designs as possible. This type of artwork you choose is a personal choice, but some designs are more common than others. For example, an angel tattoo designs are more popular among men that rose tattoo or a butterfly that are popular among women.

The colors you choose for a tattoo varies greatly and depends on personal preference. Rose Tattoo is not necessarily a red, but also can be white or black, because there are different meanings, with the pink. Different styles of tattoos also vary depending on the type of tattoo.

Angel or devil tattoo is possible in a larger format with bold dark colors, while the tribal tattoos will have many parts and black colors. The butterfly may have many colors, sizes and shapes.

The selection of the location of the tattoo is also a part of the process. You can have a tattoo put anywhere in the human body and some people go overboard and put a tattoo in odd places, like the top of the head, below the neck, fingers, feet, and many other places imaginable. What are popular for women may not be popular for both men and women like to have a tattoo placed on the lower back, upper back or ankle, while men tend to have tattoos placed on the upper arm, shoulder or back. It's all about style and what people like. Not really no wrong place to put a tattoo as long as you like.

As you can see, choosing a tattoo design is not limited, and finding the right tattoo for you can seem a daunting task, but, of course, there are many resources that can be used to find the right tattoo.

Using the Internet to start your research can be a good idea because there are many different websites on tattoo designs. There are many galleries and images you can see through to get an idea of ​​the types of tattoos out there. Most sites try to sell a tattoo template, which may be useful either, because you might have a template for a tattoo artist, which will ultimately save money by having a tattoo artist tattoo designs cool. This does not mean you can not have a modified template. Cost depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo design that you choose to go with it. So if you want a small tattoo, may be worth the extra cost for a tattoo artist to create unique designs.

If you find tattoo designs on the internet that you like, you can always go to a tattoo artist and ask for pictures tattoo you might think. Of course, this will cost extra, but it may be beneficial in the long run because once the tattoo is placed on the body is very difficult to get rid of it. Be sure to spend time researching your tattoo and looked through the pictures and designs, as much as possible, because it will help you decide what you want.

After finding a tattoo artist you have to do research to find a tattoo design. Look through a directory or a gallery of tattoo designs. This will help you find a design you are looking for. Even if you do not know what kind of tattoo design you want, look through the gallery to get an idea of ​​what's already there. Angel tattoos became popular among men with tattoos devil. But for a woman you may want to look for rose tattoos or other types of lower back tattoo designs.

Makes Angelina Jolie Tattoed Special

There's a reason why Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston, and the reason is named Angelina Jolie. But even four years after the fact, there are many - especially in camp Aniston - who still question Brad's judgment.

So why does Brad Pitt Angelina fell into the charm? Why paparazzi favorite? Why women fantasy of every man and women around the world want?

In short, what makes Angelina Jolie so special? This is what we know.

Superior gene

Born Angelina Jolie Voight and Marcheline Bertrand documentary actor Jon Voight, who would inherit the best of both sides. His father is from Slovakia from Germany, while her mother is French-Canadian with some Iroquois, who is said to be seen in the famous Angelina exotic. Angie has a face that is almost a complete replica of her mother, although improved with his angelic face.

Angelina probably best known for her lips. Although rumors of cosmetic surgery in this area have been circulating around the center of attention, none of which proved. He is physically tall and very thin and shaped dies and it is one that seems tailor-made for Hollywood. Today he has no signs of giving birth to twins after this.

Attitudes and tattoos

Probably not a week goes by that there is no new Angelina story was invented by the press. At the beginning of his life and career, he was quite a wild child. For 14 years who aspire to become a funeral director, do not wear black, and dyed her hair purple. Around this time, he lived with his girlfriend, then spent time moshing.

In 1996, she married actor Jonny Lee Miller in black rubber pants and white shirt with his name on it with their blood. Eventually, she divorced and married to actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2000. Throughout the marriage, both using each other's blood vials around their necks. In 2005, he became part of a public scandal when it emerged that he is the reason for the Pitt-Aniston break. The rest as they say, is history.

In addition tumultuous love life, his relationship with his father also widely. Sharing a kiss with her brother the night he won the Academy Award fueled speculation of an incestuous relationship, which is vehemently denied.

Angie does not have an agent or publisher. He was always very honest and very open in interviews about their sexual preferences. It is, indeed, no wonder he is a favorite Hollywood bad girl. And if people do not talk about the antics, they are talking about a new tattoo of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina sport many tattoos on various parts of your body. To please the public, that there is absolutely no doubt about his naked body on the screen, so that their tattoos more often than not, a common device in most of his films. At this time and 13 laser hair removal has at least 3.

Raw Talent

Perhaps the most decisive Angelina is not practical showbiz royalty, or even that she was beautiful. It is a fact that he is a very talented actress.

Although he was always typecast in the role of "Bad Girl" at the beginning of his career to date, I really have an impressive number of critically acclaimed roles. She won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 1999 for her role as Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted, and recently nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role in Changeling. He also has several Emmy nominations and won a Golden Globe a few.

In fact, talent, proven! Ex or not, Angelina of her father's daughter

The Mighty Heart

No doubt, Jolie is one of humanity's most well known celebrities. After the movie Tomb Raider in Cambodia, joined UNHCR and from visiting refugee camps around the world on a regular basis.

In 2002, she adopted Maddox, was born in Cambodia. Three years later, he and Brad to adopt a baby girl, Zahara, from Ethiopia. In 2007, he returned to open their home to another child, this time from Vietnam, he called Pax.

With their biological children with Brad, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne, Angelina is currently the mother of six children - and he did not intend to stop there. Not only that, she and Brad started Foundation Jolie / Pitt in 2006 to help children affected by conflict.

In fact, there are many reasons to love Angelina, and there is no reason not to. Not only won the hearts of the most beautiful man in the world, has also attracted the world with, the style of beauty and love. Angelina Jolie is beyond special - unique.

How to money tattooed Angelina Jolie

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Angelina pored over the press and fans with his marriage and child adoption, the movement of the girl of Hollywood.
She gave birth to a pair of twins, and one that is related to two major films - Wanted and Kung Fu Panda in the summer of 2008, when she sees the two sets of twins.

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Angelina Jolie Celebrity Tattoo Regret

For some reason, to abstain from getting a tattoo in the first place is because they feel that they will regret their tattoos, or simply can not conceive awarded embedded in their skin for the rest of your life. However, it's just a chance that you get when you have a tattoo.

But do not worry you are not alone in that part of tattoo remorse. It has been said that more women than men to regret their tattoo decision, especially since women watch more often than men when it comes to tattoos. However, if I do not regret any tattoo design you are not alone at all. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo of a remarkable couple and regretted that it had acquired and internal engraving laser off.

Here is a pretty long list of tattoo that Angelina has regretted and was covered.

1. A dragon on his left hand (he had lasering for several months now, but can still barely visible).

2. "Billy Bob" tattoo, the name of former husband Billy Bob Thornton, on his left arm, which he attended several sessions with a laser to remove it. But you can still see faint.

3. A Chinese character tattooed for courage now covered by Tennessee Williams quote.

4. A Chinese character tattoo is considered a death sentence is now closed by praying for the son of Steve.

5. A tattoo both Thornton and Jolie together. It is the right hand, now covered by the "willpower" tattoo.

6. Dragon of Amsterdam while Angelina gets drunk, now covered by the Latin cross.

7. A window in the lower back. While at the Actors Studio, explained that covered this tattoo, because, as he used to spend all his time looking out the window wishing to be outside, now lives there all the time.

Angelina Jolie & Robbie Williams Tattoos

Each of us agree that celebrity tattoos is the reason for the popularity of tattoos. Without it, never will be known by the public. Although the tattoo looks decades ago, has gained importance and recognition when celebrities began to worship it. More than that becomes popular, it is a very controversial when women of their favorite tattoo designs. However, celebrity tattoos actually change the scenario. In fact, the concept of tattoos took a new turn when celebrities started to openly display tattoos.

Before looking for tattoo lovers tribal tattoos, dragon, butterfly tattoos, cross tattoos star tattoos, but now the situation has changed. Now more and more people are looking for hot celebrity design tattoo. Given the interest of a tattoo, celebrities, celebrities and design of Halloween tattoos classic and stylish is growing regularly. If you think about celebrity tattoos, the most common name assigned thinks, is "Robbie Williams Tattoo." Undeniably, however, Robbie Williams, the king of celebrity tattoos. He has 14 plus Celtic cross tattoo designs in your program, tribal tattoos, lower back, angels, hearts and more.

On the female side, "Angelina Jolie Tattoos" is a term associated with tattoos of celebrity most wanted. He went on to play in a variety of design cover of celebrity to your new tattoo. It has a dozen tattoos on the body beautiful. More importantly, even Angelina Jolie has had treatment with laser tattoo removal painful. It has more than the amount of tattoos on his body away. For more information about the various tattoo designs, then access to exclusive resources on tattoo designs and gallery. We will design a tattoo celebrity-tattoo your own or in a few minutes.

Friday, March 16, 2012

More Pain Removing Tattoos

According to Megan Fox (25), removing a tattoo is more painful than a tattoo. Transformers the movie star, who is married to actor Brian Austin Green, started "collecting" tattooed on his body when he was 19 years old. But now he has changed his mind about a tattoo. "Everyone warned me and told me, 'There will be a day when you no longer love these tattoos. You will grow up'," Gomez said.

"I was stubborn and thought that I would love tattoos forever, or that it would be like a book about my life, everything that I loved when I was younger. Apparently, absolutely not," he continued. Fox is now in the process of removing a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe from under his right arm and acknowledged that the process is not easy. "It felt really sick. Make a tattoo does not hurt as much as it is, obviously, because I have so many tattoos," he said. "I can not explain it scientifically correct to you, but when the laser illuminates the ink on your skin, it's like explosive and seeds like popcorn pop," he continued. "That raises the trauma and pain of not playing. They could not make it numb enough to drive out the pain," she added.

Meanwhile, Fox still has eight tattoos again, some of which exist in the stomach and ribs. "Removal of this (tattoo of Marilyn Monroe) would be the least pain. He (Monroe) does not look good anymore!" completion.

Location of The Tattoo Characteristics

Get a tattoo today is an act to express something, or create a memory of someone. Tamara Geraldine, for example, create a tattoo of his son on his back. While Victoria Beckham has a tattoo of Hebrew script in the area behind his neck that reads, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine." Obviously, this is a form of statement of ownership of the husband.

However, choosing a specific area on the body, is already a certain statement, according to Clement Clay, owner of Studio City Tattoo. He revealed the meaning of the selection of the most popular tattoos in the area that is often seen in some Hollywood celebrities.

Angelina Jolie is the back area of ​​the most famous female celebrities with tattoos. One of the most striking tattoo located on his back. The back is a sexy choice, especially for the show you should wear clothes that open in the back. Upper back tattoo on Angelina is writing a protection prayer written in Sanskrit language of Cambodia, the home of his eldest son. Meanwhile, Megan Fox tattoo is a piece of a sentence from the story of King Lear, one of Shakespeare's plays. It reads, "We will all laugh at Gilded butterflies."

Tattoos on the neck area of ​​the neck felt young and cool. Figures like Rihanna can give an accurate picture for a tattoo like that. "Picture a star on the neck behind it is very eclectic, and he seems inclined to follow the thinking process itself," said Clement. Tattoos are a tiny sprinkling of stars, with a unique pattern, could be a trend in the 2000s. If you want to express your cheerful nature, the star image is a good choice for you.

Arm area "under its arm is selfish," said Clement. So put the tattoo on this part is very important meaning for their owners, especially the tattoo will stay there forever. However, although easy to see, a tattoo on the forearm on the inside is not quite so aggressive compared to a tattoo that is placed on the outer sleeve. The arm is also a popular area for placing the tattoo, and any image suitable to be placed on it. Forearm tattoo on Heidi Klum, for instance, is written the name of the husband, "Seal".

Area legs "Legs are another area of ​​ego," said Clement. If this tattoo is on the right side of the body of its owner (the image is tattooed Drew Barrymore), which is the masculine side, it is a declaration of power themselves. Images of the cross, which is a faith statement, indicated that he wanted to have more control over their emotions and way of life. Those who want to be powerful, put your feet on the lower legs is also a good choice, no matter what your spiritual beliefs and statements.

Cat paw tattoo chest area on the chest rapper Eve showed an aggressive and bold personality. Because the tattoo on his chest, tattoo it will accentuate your face, and by itself is a clear statement of ego.

"Women have a strong physical Presence in the area," said Clement. Put a tattoo there is also a sexy way to show the curve on the body. So, be prepared if everyone staring at your chest when you choose a tattoo in the area.

Mystery Behind David Beckham Tattoos

Religious side. Through what? Of course over existing tattoos all over his body Becham. Star player who is also the England midfielder reveals mystery white and black tattoo The Man of Sorrow arable Matthew R Brooks, when he celebrated the victory over the Rossoneri 3-0 at the Olimpico Juventus Turin, early Monday. This tattoo is a tattoo depicting the four Christian icons, which Beckham put a collection of diverse beliefs. Despite two months of rest, but the former Manchester United is still sharp before joining again with Milan. Beckham already has a cross tattoo on the neck behind, only a few inches of the guardian angel tattoo inscribed on the shoulder and the angel on his left shoulder. However, in his first biography, My World, David expressed himself strongly bound with Yahudisme. I probably have more contact with Yahudisme than other religions. I used to wear a traditional Jewish skullcap when I was young and I also made several trips to the Jewish wedding with my grandfather, I Beckham as reported by The Dailymail. Last December, he wore a Jewish skullcap while attending the funeral of his grandfather, Joe West to respect the Jewish faith of his grandfather. Beckham also tattooed in Hebrew writing, also include his wife, Victoria are marked with the words Jew, I am my beloved, my beloved is mine. While Beckham's new tattoo, located close to the ribs on the right side, on his left hand, there is a tattoo bearing the name of Victoria, although it is not true of writing in Hindi, written under another trainer, Ut Amen Et Foveam that means, so I love and care . On his body again, Beckham also written Mandarin tattoo that reads, depending on the choice of death and life, rich and honored depend on heaven. Beckham also tattooed the name of his three sons, Brooklyn's first above her waist, her second child, Cruz and Romeo was near the tattoo angel wings on her back. In his right hand, Beckham also tattooed with Roman writings VII, the number one jersey that he wore when playing at Manchester United.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Angelina Jolie Got a Tattoo

Behind the pretty face, the wild side as well as artistic Angelina was clearly visible at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, held in Los Angeles, USA, January 29, 2012 last. He exhibited some of his tattoo on the moment. Angelina actually has long been collecting tattoos as a form of love for the arts. Free Tattoo Designs says, some images that currently exists in the body is the text of "Know Your Rights" at the bottom of his neck, a Buddhist mantra tattooed on his left shoulder, and the Bengali tiger image is clearly visible in his lower back. Reporting from E! via Antaranews, Angelina tattoo full body wrap with a beautiful dress from Jenny Packham at the prestigious event. Among celebrity tattoo is a plural. Abroad, other than Angelina Jolie, celebrities such as Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and many other names to use tattoos as a form of identity and appreciation of art. Domestic as well as celebrities. Fahrani, Olla Ramlan, and Chantal Della Concetta has a unique tattoos on their bodies.

If you are interested in tattooing the body as well as for celebrities lined above, there are several tips you should follow before, during, and after the tattoo artist to work on your skin.

Avoid alcoholic beverages
Reporting from Yahoo! Voices, the old myth that to avoid a hangover is to drink alcohol it actually takes you on an unexpected illness in the long run. Alcohol can dilate the blood flow so that the bleeding that occurs will be more. This will make your skin very sore even after the tattoo.

Choose your favorite tattoo artist
Because the tattoo is a work that will stick forever in your skin, choose an experienced artist and blend with your taste.

Do not force the current process
Tattooing the body obviously requires more time and tenderness in the skin. Behind the needle that goes into your skin will constantly keep you in pain, consciously or not. Give me a break while on your skin when you begin to feel pain. The skin needs to breathe while in the "struggle" to receive the needle of intense reaction.

Make sure the disposable needle and tube clean a tattoo machine
It's all that matters. Pat Fish, CEO Luckyfish Tattoo, in her website requires you to use disposable tattoo needles. In addition to a cleaner, disposable needles will not spread the disease. Make sure tube for tattoo machine cleanliness assured. In addition, the entire property up to the artist himself must be kept clean.

Cold water in the bath
After the tattoo, do not shower with hot water, because it will make your pores open and the tattoo ink to fade quickly. Make sure you use cold water to clean the tattoo.

Use water-based lotion
To maintain healthy skin naturally on the tattoo, use water-based unscented lotion and acidic materials. Well preserved skin, tattoo color will hold for a long time.

Ready for tattooing the body? Or instead you collect tattoos like Angelina Jolie? Share your experience below.

Advantages & Disadvantages Body Tattoos

Tattoos are a form of art that will stick for life in a person's body. But the art of tattooing the body is sometimes done in a way that is not safe to risk a serious infection to the body. Preview plus minus, before you or those close to you tattooing his body. The decision to get a tattoo should have well-thought, because this art form is still very difficult to remove. Removing tattoos take long, expensive and can damage skin tissue. When making a tattoo was actually damage tissue and cause traumatic to the skin. Side effects that may arise from tattooing is a risk of infection such as the use of unsterilized needles or content of harmful substances from the ink used. Some of the victims began to fall virus infection Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Tattoo ink is generally made from a suspension of water-soluble particles such as mercury, cadmium, tin and iron are injected under the skin to form an image by using a needle. Risk of infection can also occur when making tattoos because the ink containing dangerous substances. Prof Helen Suh MacIntosh, an expert in environmental health from Harvard University said that some diseases that can be generated from non-sterile tattooing process are:

A. HIV infection AIDS
2. Hepatitis B or C
3. TBC
4. Mycobacterium
5. Syphilis
6. Malaria
7. Leprosy.

Some types of red ink to make permanent tattoos do contain mercury and some heavy metals such as cadmium or different iron oxides. According to Prof Helen, the metals are used in tattoos on the skin have been known to cause allergic reactions, eczema, scarring, and can also cause sensitivity to mercury. Other colors than standard tattoo ink is also derived from heavy metals (including lead, antimony, beryllium, chromium nickel, cobalt, and arsenic). Just as the heavy metals in red ink, these inks can also cause skin reactions in some people. For that he thought a tattoo of materials must include the risk of heavy metal content, including lead, arsenic, etc., and which many linked to cancer and birth defects. Exposure to heavy objects that usually appear many years after people get a tattoo. When examined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for example, people can burn or shock due to heavy metals in tattoo ink is affected by magnetic fields.

Losses have a permanent tattoo 
  1. The pain must be felt by someone as a tattoo because its manufacture uses a needle containing the ink according to the desired color.
  2. The high costs to get a tattoo.
  3. Are permanent and can not be removed easily, if you want to delete does not always work 100 percent and the price is very expensive.
  4. After years of color can fade or break up the lines of the drawing.
  5. Fashion and trends are always changing, it could present such a picture could be a trend but the next few years old.
  6. Maybe the tattoo will look attractive at the age of 20 years, but it would be unusual after the age of 50-something years.
  7. There is a risk of infection from any tattoos, such as from non-sterile needles or the ink containing dangerous substances.
The advantage of having a permanent tattoo.
  1. Tattoos can express a personal, artistic or meaningful message to the owner of the body.
  2. There is a certain satisfaction to have something different to others.
  3. Tattoos can be characteristic of a person.
Owners are generally aware that a permanent tattoo 'painting' will be attached to the skin throughout life. But there is also a regret or less satisfied, and wanted to remove it. Several techniques such as removing tattoos is finally done dermabrasion (scrubbing the skin to the outer layer peeled), sliced ​​skin, Cryotherapy (eliminating the use of liquid nitrogen temperature is below freezing), anti-tattoo cream, laser.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Accessories Collection Temporary Tattoos

For some people, tattoos are considered as a taboo thing. Art of body painting with ink sometimes be a sign of a-hard lifestyle. In fact, it indicates the macho's. However, more modern, a tattoo is considered as an art which is also favored by most women, even get into the fashion industry.

Later, a tattoo studio and international fashion houses showing their designs at once with a temporary tattoo designs. Call it a tattoo studio Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and even, they dress the models with temporary tattoos while demonstrating their fashion collections for spring / summer 2011.

That said, it was so enthuses temporary tattoos, tattoo studio Karl Lagerfeld decided to launch a line of temporary tattoos Chanel accessories. Reportedly, Chanel will release a collection of temporary tattoos in March in Europe with prices around 49 euros (approximately USD 585 000). There will be approximately 55 different tattoo designs which are marketed.

Is actually a temporary tattoo image is transferred and which is the result of make-up design director, Peter Philips. Generally, tattoo image is an image Chanel logo, chains, flowers, and pearl necklace which can be placed on the thighs, calves, or wrist, which would indeed be interesting to wear "dress" the body parts which are generally not covered in the summer. Interested?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mutya Buena Tattoo Lifestyle

Mutya Buena collection tattoo on his hip to his sister, Maya, Buena, with black arm and heart, the heart of the hands of women and naughty on the legs, the neck with a bar code that reference in the right hand , the Chinese symbol for "only God can make the decision for me" to "Tahlia", his daughter made ​​a name tattooed on his right arm. He is on the left chest and right leg and a colored image of women riding, has a lion on his back. Four in each ear, upper lip and nose on the right side of its language is a - Mutya still has his 12 piercings. Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena Mutya Buena is professionally known as (Kingsbury, London, May 21, 1985 born), a member of the famous pop group Sugababes, British singer and songwriter he is. In January 2009, Mutya appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the sixth grade, citing the desire to be left on the 15th. After the second album in 2010 

Anastacia Tattoos Styles

The achievement of the singer and songwriter who has achieved great international success, but never reached the superstar status in America. Anastacia has three tattoos on his body, two of which contain a variety of religious feelings. He has a huge pair of angel wings with a fine pedigree of an attractive design, extended between the shoulder blades. On his back is a tattoo of the sun, the Egyptian ankh in the center is meant to represent eternal life. Anastasia recent tattoo on his back, a colored circle with the letters "AWN".

Alyssa Milano Tattoos Lifestyle

Alyssa Milano collection of religion-related tattoos. Located on the right shoulder a tattoo is to show the devotion of the Rosary. The placement of tattoos include clothing. Buddhist Symbol for HUM is a form of tattoo on his neck, and can be interpreted as a symbol of wisdom and depth of the unit. Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, a part of this tattoo is known. OM is a good complement to accompany, and other symbols, which can cause offer my left wrist. Aldı.Sol two tattoos on the inside of the wrists and used on the wrist hymns OM symbolizes the essence of the universe, an Ouroboros tattoo is a Buddhist wrist sembolüdür.Sağ, including death and rebirth, right, his history, the cycle involves snake biting things.
The left ankle, an angel with the initials of the fire was started. Rose right ankle, a chain of red flowers and green leaves of protection. Another tattoo of a fairy kneeling in grass and flowers in the abdomen. The lumbar spine, symbolizing the spirit of pure heart and love has to live.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentino Rossi Tattoo Pictures

The marketing phenomenon that is Valentino Rossi gives fans a multitude of logos to choose from when wondering what to get etched into their flesh – and it’s unsurprising that popular choices include ‘The Doctor’ and the ‘Sun and Moon logos that Rossi is associated with. This is just incredible, it’s hard to work out what to admire most, the quality of the tattoo, or the fact that he’s had it done around his love handles (still, if he’s over 35 those love handles won’t be going anywhere so it may well have been a wise choice). We can only wonder at the awkward silence that would happen if this chap had to have his prostate gland checked, as a real doctor stares down at that tattoo while he shoves his finger up his patients arse. Apparantly, when Rossi signed his back, the guy rushed off to get the signature tattooed on permantly – gotta take your hat off to the true fans.

Eminem Tattoo Styles

Eminem is also known by a visible tattoo on his body. But it seems that Eminem will not expand the number of tattoo if they want to continue a career in acting. This statement was released by Universal Studios film company. Indeed, in addition to singing, Eminem also had to play the movie 8 MILE, produced by Universal with very good results. Acting singer whose real name is Marshall Mathers III is indeed quite talented proved he won an Oscar by the film, although not as best actor. Because that's his talent, Universal Studio remind Eminem to not increase the number of tattoo because it will make it difficult to create a camouflage makeup team. According to one source of Universal Studios who say that, "People started to show his kuatirnya since Eminem wanted to add a tattoo," said the source, "If that is done then it will be difficult for himself," he continued. Not long ago, Eminem also is facing problems related to the lawsuit filed by the singer Dido about the payment of royalties for songs he brought Stan.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage name Eminem, is a rapper best known, and also worked as a record producer and actor from America. Eminem gained popularity in 1999 with its main debut album, The Slim Shady LP, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The next album, The Marshall Mathers LP, to sell the fastest selling solo album in the history of the United States. It brought Eminem increased popularity, including his own record label, Shady Records, and he made a side project that is the group, called D12, with mainstream recognition. Marshall Mathers LP and his third album, The Eminem Show, also won Grammy Awards, making Eminem became the first artist to win the Best Rap Album for three consecutive LPs. He went on to win the award again in 2010 for his album Relapse and Recovery in 2011 for his album, giving a total of 13 Grammys in his career. In 2003, he won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Lose Yourself" from the film, 8 Mile, where he also became a major role in the film. "Lose Yourself" continues to run a hip hop song # 1. He was released the next album after Encore, Relapse is, on May 15, 2009. Eminem is the best-selling artist in a decade in the U.S. Nielsen SoundScan, and has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide to date, making him one of the artists of the world's fastest selling album. In 2010, Eminem released seventh studio album Recovery. The album was a commercial success internationally, and to chart number one in several other countries. The album was last at number-one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart for five consecutive weeks and a total of seven weeks. Recovery was reported by Billboard to be the best selling album of 2010, making Eminem became the first artist in Nielsen SoundScan history of success in the past two years. Recovery was also crowned as the Best Selling Digital Album In History. In addition, Eminem also acts as a record producer for other artists, including rapper 50 Cent and the rap group D12 which is also known as Detroit Dirty Dozen and D-Twizzy. Eminem also has starred in several feature films in between, Da Hip Hop Witch (2000), The Wash (2001), 8 Mile (2002) demonstrated his controversial behavior when he was involved with drugs and medicines. Even in August 2005, he had thwarted his concert with a reason to undergo rehabilitation. The next controversy is shown when he was having 'marriage-breaking' over and over again. Eminem married to Kim Mathers on June 14, 1999, then split up in August 2000. They were married again on December 15, 2000, then divorced again on October 11, 2001, married again last January 15, 2006 and divorced again December 19, 2006.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Josh Hutcherson Tattoo

Joshua Ryan "Josh" Hutcherson (born in Union, Kentucky, USA, October 12, 1992, age 19 years) is an actor from the United States. He serves as Jesse Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia movie. He also served in several other films like Zathura: A Space Adventure and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Tattoo

Dwayne Johnson has two tattoo designs. One is a contemporary single style on his right higher arm of a fluff. However, his second tattoo was a travel from contemporary, being a traditional Samoan style of tattoo all over his eventually left get. The fluff head tattoo on Dwayne Johnson right arm goes along to his European horoscope delivery indication of Taurus, the Bull. The tattoo is a long-horn type of guide and is a pretty uncomplicated summarize style of style. The experience of the fluff are also shaded in red. The needling on his eventually left arm and get is traditional Samoan style needling, done by an artisan in Hawai’i. It features traditional tribe styles and signs which signifies Dwayne Johnson himself, his spouse and child, his family and soul courses. This comprehensive 50 % sleeve parcels all the way around the higher arm, over the get and onto stomach area. A later time prolonged the area on his chest area, including a large outstanding soldier experience over his center.

Traditionally, Samoan needling was done by an artisan, served by several people. The tattoo artist would use two resources, one a bone-tipped " rake " and the other the stunning keep. The " rake " would be drizzled with ink, then hit with the other follow pierce the epidermis. The helpers had the job of positioning the epidermis of the tattooee tight so that the artisan could perform. In his latest appointment with Playboy journal magazine, Jackson did discuss that that perform took 58 hours complete to do, propagate out over three periods and was consisting entirely freehand (meaning the artisan proved helpful right on his epidermis without a stencil or transfer). He did not discuss if the tattoo was done with the traditional their hands or if any of the ink was inked by traditional device.

Dwayne has two tatoos, one on his right arm of a Brahma Bull that signifies his indication of the horoscope which is Taurus the Bull and also he has an interest in bulls. His next tattoo expands from his eventually left get, get edge, and almost his eventually left arm. It is a Hawaiian tattoo (basically Marquesan) that he had done in Beautiful lovely hawaii islands sometime in Feb of 2003 by Po’oino Yrondi – a well-known Cultured tattoo artist.