Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christian Tattoos

Doesn't the Bible forbid Tattoos?
In the Leviticus section of the Bible, you will find a passage that sometimes says something about not making marks on the flesh, and sometimes outright says "no tattooing." It will depend on the modernity of the translation. However the idea is pretty much the same, and it's a seriously debated point amongst those who are strongly religious.
However, in the world of tattooing, there is a very strong presence of Christian symbolism and designs and it seems to have always been a part of Western culture. Portraits of Jesus and Mary abound, as do renderings of the Last Supper, backpieces of the Rock of Ages, and more. Crosses, in endless variation, are one of the most popular tattoo designs presently.
A wide-range of modern Christians now feel that the passage in the Bible speaks only to emblems not of their own faith, and take no shame in wearing skin art that illustrates their beliefs. Some people feel the imagery is a constant reminder of the divine and makes them feel closer to God. Others have gotten religious tattoos as symbols of healing or re-birth.
Christian Symbols in Tattooing
Angels - Tattooed angels range from cute little cherubs up to elaborate renditions of Seraphim.
Cross - supposedly way back in the Crusades, Christian knights had little crosses tattooed on their hands so that if they fell in battle, their wish for a Christian burial would be known. Whether large or small, ornate or plain, on public view or hidden, a cross emblem is probably the most popular Christian tattoo.
Portraits - Many people commission their tattooist to do a portrait of Jesus, Mary or their patron saint.
Religious scenes - These can be renditions of Bible scenes or reproductions of famous paintings that are Bible-oriented. One extremely popular tattoo image isn't from the Bible at all: it's the Rock of Ages, showing a woman clinging to a rock in the midst of stormy seas.
Quotes and scripture - Some people have Biblical passages tattooed on them, and others just have the book and chapter numbers tattooed.

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