Monday, June 20, 2011

Gemini Tattoo Designs

Gemini Tattoo Designs
Gemini has long been used to denote duality, communication and a free exchange of ideas and creativity. Because of this, it is not surprising to find that this astrological sign has long been at the center of a good deal of artistic creations, including body art. Gemini tattoos are most often worn by those who are either born under this sign themselves or have a loved one who is. However, both the images and glyph used to illustrate Gemini sometimes appear as a way to express the notion of a double nature or split personality.

Gemini tattoos that serve to demonstrate the duality of this sign are among the most popular styles. In some cases, these pieces may depict a set of twins sitting back to back, each shown with a similar but mildly different appearance, differing styles of dress or engaging in different activities. At times, these pieces may show realistic people, but many prefer to create cartoon-like characters. Others still prefer to take their Gemini twins from ancient Greek paintings, creating a set of people with otherworldly beauty and setting them in a historical venue. A variation on this style would be to create a sideshow-like poster that shows Siamese twins that appear to be at odds with each other.

Gemini tattoos that focus on symbols is another common choice. The Gemini glyph is frequently used for this particular style. This simple emblem shows two straight, vertical lines that are joined at the top and bottom. In most cases, this symbol is done in black; however, many prefer to make them more colorful, often using the sign’s dominant colors, yellow and light blue. Although this image is usually shown in a simple manner, some like to add a little flair to it by twisting the ends into elegant curls or making them sharp and tribal-like.

In addition to basic glyph pieces, some like to create more intricate symbol-based Gemini tattoos. One example of this would be to create a large picture that incorporates all of the essential elements of this sign. A set of hands could be shown embracing two tiny twins that are curled around an agate crystal that shows a blue swirl of wind at its center. In addition to astrological symbols, some like to add emblems that are personally relevant, and may even include the faces of loved ones imposed onto the picture of the twins or pressed into the center of the glyph.

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