Monday, June 20, 2011

Pisces Tattoo Designs

Pisces Tattoo Designs
Pisces are widely considered to be creative and intuitive, so it is not surprising that those who are born under this sign may love the idea of Pisces tattoos. This sign is said to be the ultimate symbol of duality. As is true of those born with this sign, the symbol itself can represent both highs and lows, motivation and laziness, joy and sadness.

Many Pisces tattoos depict the emblem for this sign, which is made up of two fish swimming in a circle around each other and bound together by a thin band. This style typically depicts either realistic-looking or an old fashioned, illustration-like design. In some cases, the fish may be shown in more of a cartoon style, usually in bright hues with exaggerated features. Small variations and embellishments can make this common design more unique. For instance, the faces of the fish may be done in comedy, tragedy masks, they may be made into the yin yang symbol, or the band may be made of silky ribbon or stars.

Glyph and text pieces are very popular options for Pisces tattoos. The glyph for Pisces is made up of two vertical, slightly curved lines that are connected through the center. This particular style is sometimes done in simple black, but is usually done in bright hues or filled with star-like patterns. Text pieces usually surround a corresponding image and simply convey that the wearer is, indeed, a Pisces. However, some versions of this style will also give a specific birth date or say the name of the sign in a different language.

Some Pisces tattoos are made up of larger scenes that tell a more detailed story about who the wearer is. Many people like to combine the Pisces symbols with other relevant emblems such as flowers, elements or important quotes or sayings. Others like to create intricate scenes. For instance, the scene may depict a man sitting on a dock with a fishing pole that is weighed down by two, side-by-side fish. Another idea would be to place the two fish at opposite sides of the body and connect them with a thin, water-like band.

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