Monday, June 20, 2011

Taurus Tattoo Designs

Taurus Tattoo Designs
Greek mythology, the god, Zeus, took on the form of a bull to win his love, Europa. For all its symbolism, astrologically, Taurus is a negative feminine sign. Yet, the personification of the bull seems intensely masculine. Those who choose Taurus tattoos, whether male or female indulge in the truest vernacular of the sign itself.

The many diverse designs of Taurus tattoos combine the ancient understanding of the sign with contemporary art. Taurus tattoos can show the bull passively reclining or in a more active form, charging, snorting and raging. Depending on the designer, Taurus tattoos bring out the nature of the true Taurean–ambitious, consistent, and dedicated to their cause or purpose. The bull spends his days overseeing the herd. He grows weary of too much socializing and craves solitude until his resources are fortified. Hence, the bull sitting off on a hill, alone, peaceful and restful. Annoy the bull when he is zoned out and he’ll charge fiercely like the proverbial “bull in a china shop”, tearing past shocked onlookers and leaving behind chaos in his path. Never get too close to the bull when he’s too hungry, too sick or too tired. Since Taurus is always mentally charged, he’s rarely bored.

This second sign of the horoscope possesses much more depth than mere rage/solitude illusions. The importance of Taurus is borne out by random observation. We all fear that which seems a potential threat or danger. That’s the thread that binds Taurus to human nature. Taurus tattoos speak to this in a variety of designs where Taurus is configured with mass power that seems mythical.

There’s no myth where a Taurus is concerned. Straight-forward, driven and insightful, Taurus won’t fail to pick up each little nuance and read volumes into them with more accuracy than any human deserves.

When Taurus languishes alone, they connect with the emotional side of Taurean nature. No one compartmentalizes life and human nature better than a Taurus. But, even a bull needs TLC to soften the blows now and then. That’s when Taurus is most vulnerable. And, if there’s one thing Taurus refuses to concede, it’s his own vulnerability. It’s anathema to his drive and power. Yet, Taurus has no time for emotional moodiness. With an ever-full plate, he’s too busy to dwell on a lost love or emotional minutiae.

Choose your Taurus tattoo design carefully. Be certain you’re comfortable with it long-term. An uncomfortable Taurus turns grumpy, agitated and irritable. Best to keep the bull on your priority list. TLC, remember? Declassify his top ranking status and you may as well wave a red flag in front of him.

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