Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tattoo Pictures

Tattoo Pictures
Sometimes tattoo pictures really are all about the pictures. It really only takes looking at this one for a few moments to understand that it is a living monument to this man’s father who has obviously passed on. And no doubt his father probably once had this same old car that he has painted here on his shoulder, or one very similar to it. Both above and below this tattoo, other parts of tattoos can be seen so this guy probably has a lot of ink on him but I am glad to see that he took such a prominent spot to make this dedication for his father. There is no more sincere of a thing that he could have done. A good example of tattoo pictures.
This reminds me of my brothers first tattoo. It was a design with the name and birthday of his first child, and just like when somebody dies, it’s the kind of tattoo that you will never regret unless you are going to regret your first child or in this case your dad. And we all know that is not going to happen. We might get mad at them, but never will we completely break things off with them emotionally. Sometimes tattoo pictures can talk.

Tattoo Pictures
When it comes to tattoo pictures of my favorite is of the butterfly. And I especially like the way this one was done with the shadow of the butterfly on the skin beneath it. It really goes a long way in making this butterfly look real. Like this person really has a butterfly landing on their arm. A butterfly as a tattoo has many meanings from many different cultures that it can stand for. One is love, then there is luck, freedom, a persons soul, even a grandmother. For me it would be two things. Change and freedom. Change because the butterfly comes from the caterpillar and of course freedom because of its ability to fly away any time it seems fit. I suppose I would throw frailty into the mix as well, because butterflies have always seemed to be a very frail creature to me.
This is a nice tattoo that looks very realistic and while I think it could have used just a little less of the blacks and dark colors I do not think there is anything wrong with it at all. It is a nice small piece of artwork and the person that has it should be very proud of it.

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