Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo
This phoenix tattoo is a very nicely done piece of work with excellent detail and beautiful coloring throughout. It covers this girl’s entire back and it catches the phoenix just as it is beginning to burn up in it’s own flames. The flames of renewal as they are known. These flames will kill the phoenix and leave nothing but the ashes from which the new and refreshed phoenix will arise from, to live once again. In some cultures the phoenix represents the rising and the setting of the sun. Each day, rising once again to bring life and to breath life onto the Earth below. And each do to die off again in the flames of its horizon.

Renewal is what it’s all about. A second chance at everything. At life, at love, at a good job, at passing in school. Or whatever it is that you love the most about your life. Yes, it really can stand for all those things but at the end of the day all it really has to stand for is what matters to you and only you. Feeling special yet? You will when you have your phoenix tattoo.

Phoenix Tattoo
This phoenix tattoo is one of the best I have seen. Just purely as a piece of artwork it really is done with class and elegance. It is drawn to perfection and the rich colors and perfect shading throughout really sets it off. A big thumbs up to the artist who did this tattoo. Excellent work.

The phoenix is of course the great bird that is consumed each day by its own heat only to rise once again from its own ashes. A never ending, continued cycle of life and death. Much like the rise and fall of the daily sun which brings us life on a daily basis only to go away and allow us all to slip into darkness for the night. Many cultures have recognized one kind of a phoenix or the other in their mythology, sometimes calling it a sun bird, but it was very much the same thing. A large mythical bird who was born and died along with the rising and falling of the sun. Whatever the history is, this tattoo is an extremely cool one that I think anyone would be proud to have. It would certainly be a challenge to get a better one.

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