Friday, March 26, 2010

Tattoo Drawings

Tattoo Drawings
We all know that tattoo drawings can be of almost anything at all. This one however is a drawing of some sort of winged dragon or demon that come with a knife or short sword. Perhaps meaning that it is a dragon with a sting. In many cultures dragon are a power of strength and can represent a God like creature so maybe this drawing is meant to be of one of those creatures and that the sword is to show that it wields a great power with it. We know, from the holes in this creatures wings that it is not one that would be afraid of fighting, but rather one who would welcome it. And perhaps that is the message here. Like saying, if you mess with me, you’re going to know you’ve been in a wild fight, win or lose.

It’s hard to find tattoo drawings this good and I like tattoo drawings like this one. It shows both imagination and creativity and for me those are the most important elements in any form of artwork, most especially tattoos. With the right shading and coloring this could really be one hell of a nice tattoo that I believe would be appreciate by many for a very long time.

Tattoo Drawings
Here is one of those tattoo drawings that is way too early, in my opinion, to be chosen as a tattoo to get. I would want to see it developed more. Show me some more detail. Show me some color. I want a much better idea of what my tat is going to look like before I give it the okay. And for me, this is only a conceptual drawing that gives me no clear idea of how the tattoo is going to look. Unless, the tattoo is meant to look just like this. And if that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to anyway.

I like looking at the many tattoo drawings an artist may have around, when I am trying to figure out my next tattoo but sometimes they are confusing because they are not always a final view of exactly what the tattoo will be. And I am one of those people who needs to see a very close representation of what the final tattoo will look like before I get it. I’m just picky that way. Maybe everyone out there is probably not that way when looking at tattoo drawings. And I am not saying you need to be crazy about this, just be careful out there folks.

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