Friday, February 5, 2010

Tattoo Tribal

Tattoo Tribal
Even though tattoos seem to be part of a modern fashion, it is believed that their history began about five thousand years ago in the bronze age. They have been used in many cultures through history, and were as diverse as the people who wore them. Tattoo tribal was one of those styles that became very big around the world and was used by many different tribal cultures around the world. Tribal cultures who did not know each other but never the less came up with a very similar style of tattoos.

The tribal tattoos are among the coolest looking tattoos one can find out there. They always have a very symmetrical look and feel to them and are usually designed in a way where thick but sharp lines are set up in a very precise manner. Look at the circle here in this picture. I can see the face of a dragon in it. Can you? It may never even have meant to portray a dragon but that is what I see and that is part of what makes tribal tattoos so cool. Ten people might look at one and see ten different things. The one thing for sure is that all ten people will think it looks cool. Go tattoo tribal!
Tattoo Tribal
When it comes to tattoo tribal style this one that we are looking at here is a major piece of work. One that comes from the arm, up around the shoulder and goes all the way down the side of the back. It is a very traditional tribal tattoo in as much as it has the strong lines, the hard angles, and all of the intertwining pieces that always cross and go under or over each other in this type of artwork. And this one is very well done too. And I am sure it took considerable time to complete.

A tattoo like this should not be gotten lightly. Sure, it looks cool, but one must be sure that they are ready to live with such a big piece of body art on them for the rest of their live. Even if you are a super tough guy who wants to portray that with a tattoo like this, the day will come in your life when you are not so tough anymore. It comes to us all, but the tattoo will still be there. So before getting something like this please consider it very, very carefully. And if you still want it, go for it and enjoy.

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