Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo
This particular neck tattoo is all about religion. Specifically two hands praying. Two hands that is that are marked with a book of Bible and the number of the passage for which they are praying. Or so I thought. But I could find no Book of John, paragraph 5983 anywhere in either the old or new testament, so I do not know what this tattoo stands for other then being religious of course. Or maybe these numbers stand for some other kind of special date or something like that. I cannot tell. When I first saw this neck tattoo I thought this was an easy one to figure out but boy was I wrong.

Two hands praying with the name John, probably the persons own name and a number which remains a mystery. What can it be? A birthday would make it May 6th, 1983 and that is not too unreasonable so I think that might be plausible too. Or possibly it is the date that this person decided to give himself to God. That would work well too. I think the most likely answers are the ones that are about the tattoo owner himself. People are very self centered and tend to put more importance on themselves than anything else. This neck tattoo is probably no different.

Neck Tattoo
This neck tattoo is that of a four leaf clover that has one of its leafs falling off. That can’t be good. We all know that the four leaf clover represents good luck. So an image of a four leaf clover with one of the leafs falling off, would have to mean bad luck, one would think. Or at the very least, a serious lack or loss of good luck. A four leaf clover is considered lucky because of its rarity. In a field of clover, you would find only one four leaf clover in about every ten thousand clover leafs. The rest are three leaf clovers which are known simply as shamrocks.

So what is this person trying to say with their neck tattoo? I can only guess that they’re letting people know that they are unlucky. Either that or this person is a professional poker play and just wants the other players to think them as being unlucky. And the question that still begs is unlucky in what? Unlucky in love? Unlucky in gambling? Unlucky in life in general? That would be a strange thing to advertise to everyone with a neck tattoo would it not? I guess there’s just no telling.

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