Friday, February 5, 2010

Tattoo Font

Yeah this is a pretty cool font used for a lot of Asian literature and graphics. I think I have seen it with some other names such as bonsai and something else also. I know a lot of artists in New York use the tattoo font when they want to attract visitors to their work in the asian communities. It has that oriental effect on people as they are walking by and they see a sign using tattoo font directing them to an asian restaurant in downtown Manhattan. I have seen quite a few tattoo artists use the tattoo font as a go between when they are matching two different style tattoos together.

I really like the tattoo font when it is used just as an outline and then the colors around it make it kind of hollow looking. From what I hear a lot of the Asian gangs in Los Angeles use this font when they are tagging walls in their neighborhoods. Some people see the tags and they head down the road very, very fast not wanting to run into that particular artist. I could see this font used a lot if you were going to do a small tattoo down the side of your leg. It would really stand out big time.

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