Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pictures Of Tattoos

Pictures Of Tattoos
Well here we have a sheet of a bunch of pictures of tattoos. Mostly finished tattoos and all ones of some sort of elephant deity it would seem. I had no idea what this meant so I had to look it up and found that it is probably the Hindu God Ganesha, who appeared as what they explain was a beautiful woman with the head of an elephant. And to this day statues of such an elephant/woman goddess are still very prevalent in temples all over Southeast Asia. No offense meant but I would not call a woman with an elephant head anything close to attractive. I think I’ve even seen this girl once before, the last time I spent a year one night on Bourbon street in new Orleans. Depending on what you drink that can be a scary place to visit.

I have seen many thousands of pictures of tattoos in my time but this is the first time I have ever come across the elephant lady. It is not my favorite but I can certainly understand that someone who comes from that culture may want to get such a tattoo. And I am sure there are many very cool ones to choose from too. So, check out the pictures of tattoos for this one and see what they’ve got.

Pictures Of Tattoos
Here we have a grouping of pictures of tattoos. Tattoos that have been before. Tattoos that will be and tattoos that have not yet been realized. And as you can see these are all different styles of tribal tattoos. And all pretty nice tribal tattoos at that. I have to admit that I have rarely seen a tribal tattoo that I have not liked. I guess that style just appeals to me for some reason but I have no idea at all why that is. Maybe it is the hard lines and symmetrical styles that almost seem to represent some sort of order to me. I don’t really know but I like them.

When it comes to getting your own tattoo just make sure that you make up your mind for yourself. I have been to some tattoo parlors where they will really try hard to sell you on certain tattoos and that is, in my opinion, never the way to go. It absolutely must come from you. If it doesn’t come from you, one hundred percent, then I would say not to do it because at some point you will end up being sorry for it and that is not a good position to be in once you have a tattoo.

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