Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos
These version of the hawaiian flower tattoos looks very nice sitting on this girls shapely hip. It is a well thought out, well drawn and well executed piece of work done by a very competent artist. And I say that because the flower looks so very realistic. The meaning behind his particular flower is that of soft and delicate beauty. And it should be worn by a young lady full with grace and charm. In the olden days it may have been reserved for daughters of chiefs and the like only.

The Hawaiian flower tattoos have several meaning but all the means are only different when the flower the tattoo features is different. This flower I believe is the hibiscus, typically known as the more tropical flower of the bunch, and that’s where those meanings of beauty and delicacy come from. And we all know there’s nothing wrong with a girl trying to show off her own beauty and radiance. After all, that is what they do with or without tattoos so why not. If a girl can express even more grace and beauty by use of hawaiian flower tattoos then I say go for it.

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