Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pics of Tattoos

Quickly Finding Original, Well Drawn Pics of Tattoos

By Adam Woodham

You don't want to hop online and see just "any" pics of tattoos. You want to click through fresh, original, well drawn designs, right? We all do, but the average surfer gets stuck in the center of so much generic, cookie cutter junk. You can avoid that issue, though, while seeing the best, highest quality pics of tattoos.

Tattoo PicsHow do you avoid that generic stuff? Well, first, you need one very big tip. Actually, it's the only real tip you need when you want to fly past cookie cutter art. You need to stay a fair distance away from search engines. It might come as a shock, but if you have used them to locate galleries, you know how many generic laced sites they are pulling up. Instead of getting sites filled with high quality pics of tattoos, you are stuck with a huge amount of cookie cutter images.

They just aren't as useful as they once were. It's a shame, but at lest you have options, which is what I am about to share with you right now. This option would be none other than forums. Big forums to be exact. I can't state enough how valuable these sites are when looking for better pics of tattoos. The reason they work so well is very straight forward. Big forums will always have enormous archive sections. You will be using these archive section for one reason: These massive collections of past topics are filled with hundreds dedicated to talking about tattoo artwork.

It's your instant source for a wide range of input, from a wide range of individuals. People have given input on everything, including the sites where they've uncovered huge amounts of top quality tattoo art. That's where you can finally look through pics of tattoos that aren't just the same generic junk. I have used them successfully so many times when looking for ideas, designs and information to get me thinking.

If beats the heck out of plowing through page after page filled with cookie cutter pics of tattoos.
Tattoo Pics

Tattoo Pics

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