Friday, September 25, 2009

Hawaii Tattoo Studio

Experience a Hawaii Tattoo Studio

By Fernanda Gibson

If you are planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands any time soon then you may want to consider making a Hawaiian tattoo studio part of your travel itinerary. The art of tattoo is deeply ingrained in the native culture and can in fact be traced back literally thousands of years.

Hawaiian TattooA Uniquely Distinctive Look

It was the very first voyagers who traversed the globe in wooden ships hundreds of years ago that returned to Europe with vivid Hawaiian tattoos. Of course, Europeans had also been embellishing their skin with ink for thousands of years but the tattoos that the sailors returning from the Hawaiian Islands wearing had a uniquely distinctive look.

A Timeless Look and Style

These were the first Caucasians to be seen wearing Hawaiian tribal tattoos. Who could have guessed that some three hundred years on that same style of Hawaiian tattooing would explode in popularity the way that they have in recent times.

Deep Symbolism

What many people fail to realize is that there is deep symbolism in Hawaiian tattoos that often times goes back thousands of years. What might appear as merely an interesting looking tribal style tattoo to the unknowing may in fact be a Hawaiian tattoo with incredibly deep meaning.

Hawaiian Tattoo Studios - A Cultural Tradition

In many traditional Hawaiian families the art of tattooing is passed down from father to son and in some households this tradition goes back many generations. The knowledge about the art and all that it entails that is held in these traditional Hawaiian tattoo studios is immeasurable. This is why the only way that you can get a truly authentic Hawaiian tattoo today is at a Hawaiian tattoo studio.
Hawaiian TattooHawaiian Tattoo

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