Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scroll Tattoo Designs

Scroll Tattoo Designs
Scroll tattoos are generally used as a decorative border and — unless combined with other symbols — are usually without a meaning of their own. However, many people like to use scroll tattoos when they want to express something with words instead of art, but would still like to have a dash of style in their piece.

The majority of scroll tattoos you will see will be either an unrolled (and often quite aged) piece of parchment paper, or a slender scroll rolled across another symbol, such as a heart. Long poems and verses most commonly fill in the blanks of these scrolls; however, for something a little different you could create an ancient-looking painting within the body of the paper. You could also re-shape the aged parchment into a flower, with different words or symbols written in a flowing cursive on each petal. Also, instead of placing the scroll over a heart, you could try making a heart of the scroll — a small roll at each tip of the heart, maybe ripped or bearing a well loved quote, or the name of someone dear to you.

Many scroll tattoos feature the unmistakeably stylish curlicue scroll patterns. Although they may occasionally be seen on their own, they are usually used to frame, or enhance pictures, symbols or words. One good example of this would be to create a border with the Double C scroll: for this you could use four long Double C scrolls with the curlicues facing outward. You might also use the “S” scroll under a word or paragraph, or you could also create a tree or flower design by combing the “C,” Double C, and “S” scrolls. Some people also like to use these designs to elongate or elaborate on more simple designs like crosses or yin yangs.

Some people like to use scroll tattoos in unusual ways, or make their scrolls a little different. For instance, you may see a traditional parchment scroll wrapped around an arm or a leg. You may also see the scroll made out of snake skin, or with the tail and wings of a dragon. You could also create a flaming scroll, or even a worn old treasure map.

Even without a lot of significant meaning of its own, between the ancient parchment that bears beautiful words, and the stunning and classical curls that swoop and swirl, you will find that scroll tattoos are aesthetically versatile, and simply delightful.

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