Friday, April 1, 2011

Rachel Anne - Sacred Heart Tattoo

Rachel Anne- Sacred Heart Tattoo, Atlanta, Georgia
We talk to Rachel as she inks up a fine line back piece, the symbol of the state of Maine – with some aesthetic alteration – on a client.
When asked about how she got into tattooing she brings up the well-known story but with a rather interesting twist: she’s always been able to draw but never fully took advantage of the fact. She became a college history student – albeit one who got bored, started getting a lot of tattoos and found the huge appeal of the scene so irresistible that she couldn’t help falling into it!
She names her favourite influences as the Burlesque originals of the 30’s and the 40’s; peepshow girls and antique, Victorian themes and styles. Her ink is obviously unique, eye catching for its quirkiness, subtle rendering and skilful colouring. This is one talented lady!
Talented and with very strong opinions, too: Don’t try and bluff this girl if you’re into the “I’m pretty and tattooed” type of identity, you’ll be promptly cut down several feet! Rachel Anne takes pride (damn right, too) in her talent and the work she’s had to do to get a place in the scene, and hangers on, wannabes and posers of all kinds aren’t appreciated, thankyou very much.
She’s big on the convention scene, currently doing fifteen to twenty of the things a year, but she’s only been tattooing two and a half years! It’s logical, though: Rachel undertook a four and a half year apprenticeship with the much admired Ben Miller and talks about how she has picked up a lot along the way; she’s currently based at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Georgia.

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