Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sexy Tattoos - Girls, This is Where Your Sexy Tattoo Should Be Placed!

Sometimes girls will choose very sexy tattoos, but they will place them in the WRONG area of the body which lessens the sexy nature of the design! You definitely want to choose your tattoo design placement carefully.

Here are some great places for you sexy tattoos:

1. Navel. This is a great place for sexy tattoos. Girls have navel piercings, low rise pants and skirts, and a tattoo will work great for stepping the sexy up even more. It's an instant eye catcher and automatically puts you in that realm of "sexy". Consider small to medium designs as opposed to large. You want to somewhat subtly accentuate your sexy, as opposed to trying to shout it out loud and overdo it.

2. Feet. Wow, feet tattoos are definitely sexy! This is an overlooked area which many girls don't initially consider. It's definitely worth consideration and can look incredibly pretty and unique with open shoes and painted toes.

3. Hips. Another great sexy spot, especially for the low rider jean girls or the bikini girls as this spot will drive most any man, and many women, wild! There's something about a hip tattoo that just screams sexy. It's both subtle, yet totally eye catching once you spot it. It's not too "out there" or risque, rather more unique and flattering.

An important note about low back tattoos: You will notice I have left out low back tattoos. While many do consider this a sexy area for tattoo placement, girls, it really has been "played out". Now days slang terminology has emerged for the low back tat - "tramp stamp". This is because too many girls jumped on the trendy and overplayed lower back bandwagon. Consider the other sexy placement options listed before going for the no longer in style back design.

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