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cool aquarius tattoos | zodiac tattoo designs

cool aquarius tattoos
There are some designs that keep showing up again and again in the coolest Aquarius tattoos:
Aquarius the water bearer

* Any variation on the traditional glyph image featuring two wavy lines can create added interest. You could choose a sharper outline or incorporate more color.
* A single drop of water (or more than one in a pattern) is still symbolic of Aquarius.
* The water carrier - male or female - is always popular.
* Shocking pieces that feature water being poured from your shoulder or chest across a large surface of the body can draw a lot of attention.
* Placement is sometimes the key to a cool tattoo. Inking waves on the back of the neck or water splashing across the foot are two cool ways to keep your tattoos small and somewhat discreet without having to keep them covered all the time.
* Some Aquarius tattoos feature religious symbols intertwined with the glyph or water.
* Consider getting a black and white portrait of a water carrier with colorful water being poured from the jug.
* To go a bit out of the ordinary tattoo choices, you could choose a plant. Orchids and goldenrods are some of the plants associated with the Aquarius sign.
cool aquarius tattoos
The cool thing about Aquarius tattoos or any other zodiac tattoo is that you can symbolize your sign without taking up a lot of space. You can still proudly display that you're an Aquarius without ever having to spend a lot or invest a lot of time in getting your tattoo. If you want a tattoo but you're afraid of the pain, you could even begin with a cool zodiac-inspired tattoo. If the pain isn't too excruciating for you, blossom the tattoo out from there, and create a collage that symbolizes your existence in more than one way.

You could take a completely unusual spin on the cool aquarius tattoos and choose an object that is the epitome of intelligence, focus, thought, perspective or communication and incorporate that into your tattoo design. Since it isn't as obvious as the glyph image or the water carrier, you may find yourself explaining this type of tattoo to admirers unless you add a tiny Aquarius symbol or the word "Aquarius" in small font to the tattoo. Some people have the word written out on a "banner" that drapes across the bottom of the tattoo.
cool aquarius tattoos
cool aquarius tattoos
cool aquarius tattoos
Since cool aquarius tattoos tend to be imaginative by nature, cool Aquarius tattoos should not be difficult to come by. Zodiac symbols, and "cool aquarius tattoos" in particular, may be incorporated into almost any tattoo, although a traditional Aquarius tattoo will have water incorporated into the design except in the case of a simple symbol.

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