Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Werewolf Tattoo Picture

The werewolf (werwolf) is also called a lycanthrope (lukos, wolf; anthrope, man; origin: Greek). It is a mythic beast which can morph into a human or wolf, usually depended upon a full moon. Werewolves come about by a one lycanthrope biting a human, but not killing it. Unlike the vampire, the werewolf does not possess the ability to choose who to convert.

Meaning of a werewolf tattoo: superhuman strength, cunning, vengance, ability to adapt oneself to live as a human or beast, horrific evil.

This is a well outlined and shaded tatto of the werewolf. It is shown with massive chest, arms and legs in a forward attacking mode. A great back tattoo on this guy!

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