Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tribal dragon tattoos symbolize

Tribal dragon tattoos
Tribal dragon tattoos are always in demand because of the design and form. These can symbolize different meanings, which would also depend upon the form used. As per the old folk tales, the kings used the dragons to guard the treasures; which were hidden in the caves. It was also rumored that only those who could overpower the dragons could obviously claim the treasures. This sometimes even posed a problem to the kings as well! The kings also found it difficult to access their treasure with these dragons around. Dragons are also known to symbolize the 4 elements-Air, water, earth and fire. Warriors in the Roman and Greek empires used the dragon as a symbol of terror. Fires breathing dragons or basic tribal dragon tattoo designs are used to denote magic, nobility, loyalty, power and are used by people who wish to portray themselves beyond the ordinary.

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